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TheGamerLand (also known as tGL or TheGaymerLand) is an online-social website that was created by the "Inferno Web Media" team (It was actually created by one person, but he just said it was created by The Inferno Web Media Team to look cool), and has some features that are inspired by roblox. On TheGamerLand, you start off as a naked avatar and you get a virtual currency called "BUX" . With BUX, you can buy virtual shirts and hats made with MSpaint, or you can buy some more BUX using real money. The site is notable for being repeatedly raided and attacked by the users on rococks. Top world mathematicians estimate there is a 97% probability of any given TheGamerLand user being gay, and inbred.

GamerLanders actually have Down Syndrome. Notice the pale skin and the retarded face.


Hey, guys! I am totally out of ideas for the site!

Do you have one? Send me a PM!


—TheGamerLand in a nutshell

On TheGamerLand, you make your own shirts and pants using MSPaint, and you can also buy other people’s creations with BUX. Then, you have discussions about your creations on the forum. That is it. Despite the name, there is nothing on the site that looks like it is for gamers. Although, you can have discussions about video games on the forum, everyone else is too busy obsessing over pixels.


It is my duty to report that the entire team are grateful to the rococksusers who decided to revolt against us. It caused us no harm, in fact, it only caused us good. It did however, make them waste a good hour of their time. -Inferno Web Media Team.


—The owner trying to cover up his butthurt

When TheGamerLand first came out, it was raided by the users on rococks because many features were copied from rococks .. TheGamerLand was pwned so hard that anyone who visited it was greeted with a message that read “Account Suspended”. On January 5,2012 TheGamerLand was raided by rococks again. This time around, the owner claimed that he made 70 dollars from the attacks, and gave a crappy virtual shirt for the “survivors” of the attack.

Rococks Drama

Because TheGamerLand copied so many things from rococks, such as groups, raging kids, trade currency, terrible mods and admins, “limited” items, and badges, there was a huge shitstorm on the rococks forums. On the rococks Talk and Off Topic forums, people were organizing raids, complaining how terrible TheGamerLand is, and calling it a ripoff. Because of this madness, the mods had to filter “TheGamerLand” from being said.


Because TheGamerLand is gay, it has been repeatedly hacked by groups such as wrgh. Most of these were shell attacks because their programmers are quite bad. Aswell as this, they are known for the fact that they repeatedly have exploits abused, such as when two admins were hacked into because of an admin 'USA' being quite bad at stopping SQLi attacks.

Another example is that you used to be able to post when you were not logged in, resulting in user '0' posting it. This user was apparently a moderator according to the forum's output, and also had no floodcheck, due to not being logged in. This had major potential for abuse, and since the programmers are quite bad, they had no idea how to fix it, resulting in them having to sit on their database app constantly deleting the massive storm of new posts.


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