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What they like to draw.

The AR Archive is a place where all logic dies to make room for pedophiles and chronophiliacs (attraction to clocks, not to be confused with gerontophilia, which is attraction to old people, you fucking retard.) to go fap to stories, artwork and photos that will give a regular person the vibe of WTF. The AR stands for age regression, which basically means that something becomes young again, so with that said, You already know what inhabits the site.

What The Website Is About

It basically consists of users posting photos from TV shows, movies or comics that have to do with a character becoming either young or old but mostly young. Not much is known of why it exists, but the main reason it is so obviously visited is because of the fetish art found in the drawn section.

The Contributors

Typical art by Palcomix
  • Palcomix - Your basic run of the mill adult baby fetishist that enjoys drawing comics that will make your eyes bleed. Gallery

Typical BoJay Fanservice. Seriously? "Me am"? Real kids don't talk like Retarded Animal Babies.

  • Hobbitmon - Uses morphing to make pictures of adults getting younger. Gallery

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