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It's not a hate club.
Naturally the watchers/members consist of some of the lulziest of lolcows
Even snapesnogger knows better than this.

The Anti-ED-Club is was a club formed by butthurt users on DeviantART who can't get over the fact that their articles on Encyclopedia Dramatica are here to stay. The club was joined by such illustrious members as Teruchan, SapphyDracases, Skuee, and Sephys-Little-Cloud within the club's 24-hour lifespan. After that point, the dA admins decided to mercy-ban the club before the tartlets managed to dig their already unfathomably deep graves any deeper.

It is a mystery exactly who had the brilliant idea to form the club in the first place. Whoever it was, the club shifted ownership shortly before its death to none other than LittleCloud, newly appointed leader of the 'peaceful support group'. He, as well as the original owner, is a fag.

The Original Journal Entry


Appearing on the Today Page

The club's first journal made it to DeviantART's Today Page and thus exposed the entire site to its faggotry

The journal quickly became one of the top journals on dA's Today Page due to the constant bickering from both sides of retarded arguments. This attracted all sorts of individuals from the tubes to come and lol at the expense of the tartlets still defending the club, such as Daveykins, LittleCloud, and GoddessMillenia. It did not take long for the unfunny dA admins to come and permaban everyone partaking in the lulzfest.

The Trap LOL

Also spreading awareness of the club's existence was a conniving troll going by the username DivineAngelYumiko, who found the lulzy club and decided to note every one of DA's biggest lolcows with an invitation to join. This resulted in the joining of many of the most butthurt ED "victims" to come and cry about their articles. With them being members of the club and fighting tooth and nail to defend it, much lulz were had within the tubes. This event attracted fellow EDiots and spammers to the page to add to the hilarity. Below are some of the replies to the notes sent.

The Amazing debate skillz of LittleCloud

Remember, its not a hate club!

Not realizing the hypocrisy of creating a club to hate a site supposedly bred from hatred, Little Cloud relentlessly defended the hell out of it. It's hard to believe she refuses to accept the club was built on hatred, but, then again, it's Little "I will destroy you petty humans with my fire breath" Cloud we're dealing with. Her retardation and contradictions know no bounds.

Who Started It?

Some argue the club first was created by Astralstonekeeper, a butthurt Amuria fangirl and Gaiafag. Others argue the account was created by SapphyDracases. Suspicion turned to DivineAngel once the club owner began to hide comments en masse and scream in CAPS in the journal. In the end, Honeybee-manor claimed to actually be the one who started it.

Gallery of Lulz About missing Pics
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Version 2.0: ~antiED

Made in honor of antiED. InSaNe-REYNARD finds it funny.

On February 10th, 2008, a new anti-ED club was founded on dA under the name antiED. Whoever founded said club is dumber than a rock because:

  1. First and foremost, he is against ED, and has no understanding of lulz or satire.
  2. He attempted to recreate a banninated club, and didn't listen when everyone, even LittleCloud, said it was a bad idea.
  3. He expected both the people who hate ED and the people who support ED to use "common sense," have "manners," and speak without using "fowl words."
  4. Most importantly, he chose the most inopportune day to create said club: every anon, furry, and general user of the internet was so involved in Project Chanology on February 10th that Noone noticed the creation of the club, and therefore it failed by default, falling into the category of shit nobody cares about.

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