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A litter of Aristocrats discuss politics and the bourgeoisie.

The Aristocrats is a famous joke popular in social conservative circles that is well-known for its non-offensive nature, moralistic teachings, and stressing of traditional family values. And unlike many other jokes, The Aristocrats also puts emphasis for children to love animals.

History of the Joke

The Aristocrats was invented in 1842 by Senator Rick Santorum. Santorum, like most pious, saint-like Republicans, had been apalled and horrified by the large amounts of crude, offensive "humor" of his time, consisting mostly of shocking and horrifying jokes about dead babies, homosexuality, abortion, and tubgirl. Thus, he made it his personal mission to reinstate good moral values into American culture. However, Santorum's joke was heavily criticized by his contemporaries (all of whom were sinful, perverted heathens) for being boring and it would be many years after his death before the joke would gain mainstream acceptance and popularity. Today, The Aristocrats is widely considered one of the greatest jokes of all time, along with other examples of puritan, moralistic humor such as Family Guy, Something Awful, eelgirl, and lemonparty.

The Joke

The Aristocrats joke has three main parts:

The Setup

It always begins with a "family act" going in to see a talent agent.

The Act


The bulk of the joke is like IRL copypasta and usually ad-libbed. Here, the family will awe the agent by either performing kind acts for each other or singing a sweet, beautiful song together about love and abstinence. Some good examples of this can be found here [1].

The Punchline

The agent asks what this act is called, and the answer is always the same: "The Aristocrats!" Great for lulz.


EDitors note: Names have been changed to protect those born without a funny bone and the the litigious.

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The Aristocrats!



But like all good jokes, the humor of the Aristocrats has largely been milked for money by greedy business executives. As of 2005, the joke has had both a comic adaption and a movie starring Bob Faget and some kittens.

Some argue the whole Internets is basically just a looooong Aristocrats joke. Some are also faggots.

Sarah Silverman did such a convincing version of The Aristocrat in the movie of the same name that the butt of the joke, an old school talk show host called Joe Franklin, threatened to sue her for defamation since she presented the joke as autobiographical and claimed that Joe Franklin had raped her as a child.


The Aristocrats has many uses but it's primarily an in-joke amongst comedians so its shocked and appalled factor is negligible. However, The Aristocrats can save you from a lynch mob. This was the case during a 2001 roast for Hugh Hefner when usually unfunny comic Gilbert Gottfried cracked a joke about 9/11 saying that he decided not to catch a plane that had a connection at the Empire State Building. The stunned audience of ordinarily lulzy people then flew into an anti-lulz RAGE and started booing, yelling "too soon" and making threats to kick his ass. Mr. Gottfried quickly pulled an Aristocrats out of his ass and saved his neck by distracting the audience with a bawdy tale of incest, homosexuality, bestiality, molesting children and other shit. Obviously, 9/11 is serious fucking business whilst incest and pedophilia are not.

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