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Butterfree, pictured at age 16, overlooking forum operations.

the Cave of Dragonflies is a typical Pokémon forum consisting of star Wars fans, 13 year old boys, 16 year old girls, Pink Floyd fans, faggots and the Drama Llama . None of which are actually there for Pokemon. TCoD is especially well-known for its never-ending self-masturbatory edits to this page and its strangely huge amount of hardcore homosexual child pornography. The forums are ruled by a lazy-ass selfish Icelandic bitch known as Butterfree (She's known as 'Richard Nixon the Burly' irl) who bans and mods members for pretty much no fucking reason whatsoever. The moderators of the forum have no power. It's all an illusion.

Defining Moments in the History of TCoD

About 100 years ago, an emo 13 year old boy named Furret, also known as Dramawhore and veryangstythx, wrote a piece fanfiction about how two babies fucked each other in their backyard. Butterfree wasn't pleased, so she banned him. He wrote her a poem on MSN Messenger, which resulted in her falling in love with him and unbanning him.

Furret joined forces with /b/ against TCoD and got hiself banned again. Feralig8tr (One of furret's most loyal slaves.) and couple of other members whined for his return, so Butterfree unbanned him once again and completely lost her mind during that day. She became a cheap hooker for a whole month, and that's how she met her newest boyfriend, Shadey.

The Clusterfuck of Drama, as it is known by its inhabitants was also previously co-ruled by a bisexual furry named Fluffy Gryphon. This admin is known as the only being within the forums to have gotten anything at all from the tyrannical bitch. While they were in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, he bugged her until he got adminned. This only lasted a short time, however. The relationship ended (turns out Nidokingu had been seeing men on the side), but not before Nidokingu sold his truck and spent tons of cash to go see the fugly bitch. Who knows what the fuck happened to him.

The mods of TCoD

Furret: He got modded out of pity after writing another poem about how much he fails at life.

Mudkip: So i herd u liek mudkip. He lieks them, too. He is also a furfag who obsesses over fucking obese kangaroos while trying to break his own masturbation records.

opaltiger: He's also got long greasy hair that everyone thinks looks cool, but in reality only makes him look like an emo chick. Also has a mole on his chin that he appears never to have shaved. Things are different in Slovenia. "I'd hit it," quoth several hapless users prior to discovering that he is, in fact, (supposedly) a male.

Floop: Exceedingly ugly, poses as a member of the trenchcoat mafia but rarely ventures outside due to her fear of other humans.

Altmer: A wanna-be audiophile/rocker, in reality just sits at his computer and acts trendy as fuck.

Tailsy: Midget pornstar.

Scizor: pedophile

Shiva: A pissy Final Fantasy geek who, on one hand, desperately wants to get raped, yet also constantly whines about how much her father used to kick her ass and trespass into her DANGER ZONE back in the her childhood days. A compulsive freeloader, her father eventually kicked her out of his house because she had stopped putting out. Surprising absolutely no one, she ended up in a womens shelter because businesses do not hire insane lardasses. Eventually both she and her father realized how much they missed the love they once shared, so her father agreed to pay for an apartment for her as long as she reciprocated.

Iibui: A 1337 gay furry scripting geek with the belief that he's the ruler of all the internets. He runs the pokémon porn site in his free time.

The banned members¹+ of TCoD

Freeziepop: Some lulz chick that flipped out and started a riot in the forums. Hundreds of drama-hungry members flew to her aid in what was known as The Great Troll War of 2005.

Hari~Nezumi: The other member who joined forces with Freeziepop in starting the Great Troll War of 2005 and successfully pissing off the other members.

Umbreevee: Banned for being the only member with the power to defeat Furret at the who's-going-to-whine-the-most contest.

Ark: Banned for attempting to open TCoD's hearts to the bliss of /b/.

Jolty: Banned after flaming a gay, furry, basement dwelling pedophile. It is rumored that this person is Ark's cousin due to the fact that they both shared the same username at one time. Is currently admin of JJHF

Creepy_Kecleon: A Arab who strongly believes that homosexuality is like thinking a TV is a tree. Probably right. Also can't get over being banned and writes articles like these out of angst. Take the shitty video he created as another example.

Furret: The only member that is blatantly stuck in a revolving door. He's been banned over 9000 times and is currently a moderator.

Minish: Not really a banned member, but she's going to become one sooner or later. She instantly worships anything created by Japan, which includes Hentai, Anny May and furries.

Charteon: Banned for constantly PM(S)ing Furret with her cybarsecks while he was busy cybarsecksing Feralig8tr. She has been unbanned for linking the mods to free hentai.

You: If you're on Encyclopedia Dramatica, you're banned from the forums and have nothing better to do.

¹ Experts suggest that any member banned can rejoin if they act emo enough. + wtf forum crash, or just, you know, making a new account. Sources say that at least four of the aforementioned "banned" members has done this and are currently frequenting the forums under the guise of newer members.

Notable Maniacs

Nidokingu A true oldfag, Nidokingu has an extremely convoluted history that stretches back all the way to the beginning of the forum. Gained moderator status on the first iteration of the forums after sending butterfree a PM or some shit. Around this time his father was brutally squashed by a tractor. This status carried over to the second version of the forums, which is also where Nidokingu first revealed his love of little girls after he began chasing some preteen-ass known as Light Mightyena. Unfortunately for him, her parents were well-versed in computers and promptly told him to kindly fuck off. He posted a thread and unsurprisingly most of the forum reacted with hilarious anger and angst. Unimpressed with the antics, Light Mightyena's parents pulled the plug on the account, sending Nidokingu spiraling into the depression that is thought to have turned him into a closet furry.

A month of self-imposed seclusion later, however, Nidokingu managed to bag the belle of the ball herself. Yes, butterfree herself had fallen for the cradle-snatcher's charms. To absolutely no ones surprise, the forums once again erupted into a outpouring of naïve (and premature) sentiments for the idiot savant and the furry. For a while, everything went swimmingly: Nidokingu got admin'd, a new piece of ass, and butterfree got someone to cyber with that wasn't a figment of her imagination. But it didn't last! Nidokingu eventually sold all of his shit (including the tractor that squashed his pop) and actually went to Iceland (but not before customs tried to keep his faggot-ass out their damn country). However, Nidokingu failed to get anything from the trip besides a hug and an empty wallet, and soon after he announced that he and butterfree were over and that he had been seeing men on the side the whole time.

Turbo: Banned in an older version of the forum after posting one too many threads about his leopard geckos and hilarious Digimon fanfics. Sadly his works far outshined the likes of butterfree, crystalla, negrek et al, as butterfree was jealous of his geckos and thus he was b& again.

Dannichu: Some drama queen who constantly keeps her head up Butterfree's ass. Nobody likes her, they just pretend to since they think Butterfree will ban them for disliking her. Except Butterfree doesn't like her either.

Celestial Blade: Thinks he should be dictator of the world because he is a Communist. Claims to have Aspergers, but really does it because a fucking attention whore. Seems to believe that Communism is better than living amongst "capitalist pigs". (srsly he claims he'll kill anyone that disobeys him when he becomes dictator.)

Apparently, Turbo and Celestial Blade are the same guy, he warp Digivolved from Turbo to Celestial Blade not too long ago in TCOD's history.

How to become a mod in TCoD

Any one can become a mod at TCoD, whether they were emo 13-year-old boys or Star Wars fangirls. But there are a couple of rules that needs to be followed...

1 Talk as if you came straight out of Jesus's asshole, and you'd be modded within your first 5 minutes in the forum.

2 Make your posts as hugeass as possible, specially when in you're in topics discussing Pikachu's gender.

3 When you're in the debate forum, all you'd have to do is simply agree with one of the mods.

4 Don't ever post xD along with all the other emoticons, It would make you sound uneducated. ):

5 Be as dry and boring as you possibly can. Butterfree would love you and ask you to be her friend.