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Do NOT fuck with us

The Chaser is an old media team of Australian IRL trolls and Lulz Patriots, who produce a political sketch show called The Chaser's War on Everything, and the now-finished satirical news show CNNNN.

Among many others, they have successfully trolled pretty much every Australian political figure ever, APEC (and, by proxy, George Bush), dead celebrities, DIY superstore chains, Scientology, fundamentalist Christians, Scottish standup comedy, the Australian public, mainstream media (especially the shittiest examples of it), and any number of Concerned Mothers.

The Chaser hurt their first high profile butt in 2003, when they published the then-Prime Minister John Howard's home phone number in a newspaper they produced together, so that the mundanes could contact Howard to voice their displeasure at his decision to involve Australia in the Iraq War. Sadly, despite their earnest efforts, they are about as funny as the bloodied stool that ma produced just after her aneurism.

The Chaser team

Chris Taylor's rape face

Chris Taylor: Generally seen inspiring Indie singers to write TL;DR rants about him on their band's website [1]. He is also The Chaser's main fucktard.

Julian Morrow: Generally seen getting arrested by APEC.

Craig Reucassel: Generally seen stalking prominent Australian politicians in speedos.

Chas Licciardello: Generally seen getting super-glued to ceilings, or impersonating Osama bin Laden.

Andrew Hansen: Generally seen having fabulous hair, and singing satirical ditties. He's also a avid gamer seen on Good Game.

Charles Firth: Generally seen trolling some of the more stupid or crazy citizens of the Greatest Nation on Earth.

Dominic Knight: Generally not seen at all, but writes for The Chaser.

Notable Chaser trollings

Trolling APEC for our Lulz

The Chaser's War on Everything Osama.jpg
The fake security passes used by The Chaser for their APEC stunt, containing ever-so-subtle clues regarding their authenticity.

In a spectacular display of trolling spirit, The Chaser - disguised as a Canadian motorcade - broke through two security checkpoints around the hotel where George Bush was staying during the 2007 APEC World Leader's summit in Sydney. They got as far as the front of the hotel, when Licciardello stepped out dressed as Osama bin Laden. It was at this point when the APEC security twigged that things weren't quite as they should be, and Morrow and Licciardello were collared by the popos.

Some argue that the fact that The Chaser made a mockery of millions of dollars worth of APEC security - and that they could had have their own security cordons broken through by Bubba if convicted - makes this the finest example of Lulz Patriotism ever seen since Chris Morris's day.

The APEC stunt in full:

Trolling dead people for our Lulz

Last Thursday, The Chaser performed a ditty assassinating the characters of a number of dead celebrities - from Steve Irwin to John Lennon to Princess Diana - which drew plenty of complaints from butthurt aspies, and other such examples of bottom-feeders who shouldn't be watching a show like The Chaser's War on Everything in the first place.

Trolling sick children for our Lulz

Lulz is defined as laughter at the misfortune of others. Bearing this in mind, the Chaser decided that much lulz were to be had from unfortunate sick children, and did a sketch entitled "The Realistic Make-A-Wish Foundation". In this sketch, dying kids were given cheap pieces of crap instead of the traditional trip to Disneyland or whatever. Pleased with their trolling, the Chaser sat back to await lulz.

What they got was an epic level of butthurt. Countless Australians, from the mightiest Ruddkipz to the weakest chin, raised their paws to their eyes and cried BAWWWWW with one voice, despite the fact that when Shaun Micallef did it, it was funny as hell. In a bid to shut everyone the hell up, the ABC promptly b& the Chaser for two weeks.

Upon their return to the air, the Chaser put out a heartfelt press release, in which they declared that they were very sorry for the sketch, and would in future stick to making fun of politicians, because that shit never gets old.


Trolling Rugby League hooligans for our Lulz

Licciardello got another spanking from Larry Law back in 2006, when he was charged for selling fake knuckledusters and weapons at the game of a rugby Rugby League (get it right, faggot!) team known for having hooligan fans. Much butthurt followed.

Trolling the tabloid media for our Lulz

The Chaser also tried to raid the offices of Today Tonight, a piece-of-shit tabloid news show, in order to rape their anchor Anna Coren for the lulz. Sadly, they were apprehended by The Man at the doors, and Today Tonight went to the effort of informing the Supreme Court that tabloid journalism is Serious Business that should not be mocked. And thus, they obtained an injunction to stop The Chaser from showing their footage. Here is the Today Tonight's version of events:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Happily, The Chaser found a way around the injunction:

Trolling airport security for our Lulz

The Chaser once bought two Virgin Blue tickets in the name of "Terry Wrist" and "Al Kyder", to test how secure domestic Australian flights are against terrorists. Virgin Blue later criticized The Chaser for wasting precious taxpayers' money for the sake of "childish humor".

Though some say they're trying a lil too hard, you really can't blame them for being unfunny. After all, This is communist Australia where general ausfags piss themselves laughing at stupid, pretentious and retarded show like Kath and Kim.

Moar trollings

The Chaser's War on Everything Simpsons.jpg

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