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We're Not Nazis™

The Church of Creativity is a nontheisic religion with the express purpose of recognizing the divinity of the white race. In more practical terms, they are skinheads enjoying the benefits of being part of a legally recogized religion, which isn't a religion at all. They used to be known as The Church of the Creator, but trademark trolls put a stop to that right quickly. This name is derived from their dogma that only white people create and add value to the world. Conversely, the mud races (their phrase, and they use it in abundance) are limited to purloining the fruits of white labor.

White History Year Resumes

Creativity's first and last respectable leader was a Ukranian by the name of Ben Klassen, his second most noteworthy accomplishment being the patenting of a wall mounted electric can opener. Clearly, the man was destined for great things. Following Klassen's death, Creativity has had to content itself with tolerating one splinter group after another. This fractious nature is not due to any ideological difference, mind you. A group founded excusively on the idea that nonwhites are scum doesn't leave much room for infighting. Rather, leaders among Creativity have a strange habit of finding themselves in prison. In their divine wisdom, said elder clergymen see fit to threaten the lives of the judges who convict them. For whatever reason, judges aren't amused by this spot of hubris.

They totally aren't Nazis, guys

Judging by their flag and beliefs concerning racial hygiene, you'd naturally assume they're some kind of neo-Nazis or something. Well, you'd be half right. The FAQ on the Creativity Alliance's Web site goes to great pains to explain that, while they do agree with many points offered by National Socialism, and they respect Hitler as a leader and thinker, they simply aren't Nazis. This seems like quite the case of mental gymnastics, but they have a perfectly valid explanation: they aren't Nationalists. In their view, borders are arbitrary boundaries dividing the white man. So, in that sense... they technically aren't Nazis, despite having wet dreams of gassing kikes.

Rehashed Dogma

The core ideology of Creativity is expressed as "Racial Holy War," not altogether cleverly abbreviated as "RaHoWa." One can't entirely blame them for using such a stupid acronym, as calling for bloody murder as one saunters down the street tends to not go over well with passersby. In this, Creativity lags behind even the most fringe white supremacy groups, as they still long for the notion of an apocalyptic final showdown between enlightened whites and the vast hordes of those damnable mud races. This doesn't win Creativity any favor among their peers, as the whole "RACE WAR NOW" doctrine died decades ago.

Racial Holy War: The Role Playing Game

This doesn't remind one of Deliverance at all.

Now for the bit of lulz that put these not-Nazis on the lulz map. Racial Holy War, commonly abbreviated as RaHoWa, is, aside from its utterly broken and unplayable rule set, perhaps the greatest tabletop RPG of all time. Published by Creativity, players, instead of rolling Chaotic Neutral Rogues to fuck with the DM, assume the role of Lawful Good White Warriors.


In the not too distant future, whites have become minorities in their own nations, all thank to those filthy Jews. Really, fuck them. Players have access to a whole myriad of skills that truly don't matter because the whole objective of the game is slaughter the mud races, so players are fully expected to roll up a bunch of marksmen to kill those dirty niggers and gooks, a medic to heal the marksmen, and a leader to provide bullshit buffs and possibly add some points to melee combat for "honor duels" with his lessers.

The Bad, the Ugly, and the Kike

The game provides a plethora of enemies to encounter, and by a plethora we quite naturally mean five kinds of people who aren't white. Each type of enemy has a special attack unique to its race.

  • Niggers - Capable of unleashing a choking stench, reducing player accuracy.
  • Latrinos - Due to their proficiency with hopping borders and overall sneaky demeanor, they always strike first in combat.
  • Sand Niggers - Occasionally engage in a spot of suicide bombing.
  • Gooks - Martial arts skill granted by virtue of blood gives them extra melee attacks per round.
  • Kikes - Armed with lots of jewgold to convince players to sit out a round.

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