The Fidel Castro El Zol Prank

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This article contains a lot of the moon language known as Spanish

The trolling and resultant pwnage of random lusers OTI is a mainstay of internet culture and Encyclopedia Dramatica in general. Sometimes, however, trolls are so great and lulz so epic that one is able to occasionally troll world leaders resulting in a total lollercaust. This is one of those occasions.

The Setup

Castro and Chavez, just prior to butt burglin'

Mexican and Joe Ferrero first came to America aboard a small raft after setting sail from Cuba. Upon arriving in America they were granted immediate citizen status because everyone knows Cubans are a higher grade of Mexican than Mexicans.

They became disc jockeys for the popular Spanish language radio station El Zol in Miami Florida. There they would enact their plan to gain revenge for the years of constant pwnage their families endured while living in Cuba.

In January 2003, they managed to use their 1337 troll skills of bullshit and social engineering to troll Hugo Chavez live on their show, proving that you can indeed troll a troll. However, since Hugo Chavez had not yet reached legendary ruin status, nobody gave a shit. They did however manage to record their conversation with Chavez and create a soundboard of him, which would prove critical in the next phase of their operations.

In the interim, both Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro attended some leftard commie conference together in Argentina with other Mexicans where they had furious buttsecks together without protection. Chavez was also forced to endure a Roman Shower from the elderly and more senior Cuban leader.

The Call

Two spics inform Fidel Castro that he has been trolled

On June 18, 2003, Ferrero and Santos called up Castro's office posing as Chavez's aides, and claiming that Chavez was on the phone with them and needed to talk about sensitive issues with Castro. After all, they had Chavez's voice to back it up. Castro's staff immediately put through who they thought was Chavez to Castro.

On the phone with Fidel Castro, Ferrero and Santos explained that Chavez was concerned because he had left a briefcase with sensitive materials in Argentina and wanted to know if Castro or his men had picked it up, and asked him to do an investigation into it. Castro agreed, at which point Ferrero and Santos dropped the charade. They called Fidel a scumbag and informed him that he had been trolled.

Fidel became butthurt and started acting like a tough guy, calling Ferrero and Santos faggots and telling them to fuck their moms. Since Ferrero and Santos are from Miami, Castro was probably correct that they are fgts. Nevertheless, epic lulz ensued for Ferrero and Santos and their audience of Cubans who hate Castro because he robbed them of hookers and blow.

The Fallout

In April 2004, the FCC fined El Zol $4,000 for the prank. This makes no sense as AmeriKKKa and W both hate communism and Fidel Castro and should recognize these patriotic trolls instead of giving them the banhammer. The official reason from the FCC was that El Zol violated a rule requiring participants in on-air phone conversations to be informed that their call was being broadcast. Ferrero and Santos then decided to troll the FCC by paying their fine with pennies.

This is even more ridiculous when you consider that in Communist Cuba, rules violate you.

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