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Fuck you, ImageFap. Fuck you.

1) go to
2) search for "lolitas"
3) ???
4) profit



—Anon, trolling hard

The great ImageFap troll began quietly enough. Last Thursday, a seemingly innocuous post appeared on 4chan's /b/ board. Because it is always a good idea to follow a link posted on 4chan, multitudes of newfags' and idiots' mouses leapt to their browser bar and off they went into troll hell. Apparently none of them remembered the 4chan.js debacle of just one month earlier. Bricks were shat by many unsuspecting Anons - and not in a good way. Instead of the delicious loli they expected, they got this:

Search for lolitas small.jpg

The same went for all those who followed some Tinyurl links which automatically redirected them to the lolita query (see gallery).

Guys the cops are breaking down my do



How do I erased harddrive?


—Another Victim



—Yet Another Victim

Fuck you Anon. I'm going to An Hero before the V& comes because I don't want to do down like a bitch. Goodbye cruel world.


—Another Victim, trying to troll the troll

NOOOOOOOOo, I'm not trusting any of you cocksuckers ever again!!


—A fool who actually trusted anon in the first place


Trolling successfulyy pulled off.

Instead of hot loli action, a whole bunch of anons shit their pants with fear and started threads about how to fry their hard drive before the partyvan arrives. Those with a brain could only shake their head, as the threads were flooded with retards begging for advice on how to save their sorry asses. However, the irony here is that only a fool would believe that the FBI would actually give a flying fuck about people searching for the name of a fifty-year-old Russian novel. Even more ironic is the newfags that thought deleting their system32 file would save them from the partyvan

Plus ImageFap admin even said it's merely a hoax to scare people away from searching for something illegal. They're only pursuing uploaders so you won't get v& for typing keywords into a search bar. From their blog "Searching for those terms will not get you in trouble. it's mainly a warning for those who come here for all the wrong reasons. However our cooperation with the authorities is a fact and already led to criminal investigations into several of our users. But i can assure you those were not related to pics of some 17yr old but rather content that left no questions regarding age."

But newfags don't know this and that is what makes it so fucking fun.


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ImageFap Troll V2: FBI Redirection

Listen to the dog.
Imagefap rats you out.

In the same vein as tricking people into Goatse, 2Girls1Cup, etc a new prank takes hold; tricking people into searching child porn on the FBI's webserver. Whether it's that, or getting to search "Lolita" on imagefap, tricking people into having their IP logged (but not arrested), this has been happening for a year or so. For Great Justice do this to everyone you know of. It works best especially against people who can't take jokes, even popular jokes that are several years old.

FBI Redirection? In my /b/?

In perhaps a form of chemotherapy or the cancer that is killing /b/, the forced meme Advice Dog was used on /b/ itself and instead of getting quality loli porn, they notified the Party Van.

Imagefapadvicepost.jpg Pedoreaction.jpg

LOL asspie

Warsie, a nigra asspie from the South Side of Chicago (his avatar on several forums is a nigra and he IS a nigra... Oreo) decided to have some lulz. Let's post a link to the FBI searching for child porn! Well, some didn't like it. Posting it on a Sci-Fi forum, full of chinks, other asspies, transsexuals, faggots and other Gimps, they didn't like the joke. Well, some lieked it VERY MUCH, others not as much. They be cool, except for some faggots who turned FLAME ON. They like mocking people so mock back.

Quotes of said asspie's destruction

He did it because he thought it would be funny? What else does he find funny? Cutting peoples' brake lines for shits and giggles



—Darth Wang, I mean Wong, erm.

Well, thanks to Warsie I now have to wonder if there's a "ping" on my computer with my bosses; he posted this funky stunt in Testing with the title "Does She Look 14?" and listing it as "SFW".




Whether or not anyone actually gets in trouble is totally irrelevant; he TRIED to get them in trouble.
With the fucking FBI.
Over child pornography.




Normally, I'd say we need to wait and see what develops, but this is pretty fucking serious. This little brat needs to learn that there are consequences for his actions. Trying to get someone in trouble with the FBI over a serious crime just for shits and giggles deserves a greater punishment than anything we could mete out. Get rid of him, and potentially inform his ISP that he has been engaging in this sort of illegal activities.




Yes, but as I understand, the link triggers an autosearch on the FBI's website for kiddie porn; and under current United States law, the mere act of searching for kiddie porn on the internet is a crime.



—Wait, what! we'd be all V& nao

I just saw your post in the Senate about friends of eyexist getting burned in Real Life by Warsie's fallout. I believe we now have a real casus belli to make Warsie's life a living hell by reporting his attack on SDN (yes, it was a real attack IMHO) to any and all authorities who will listen at the earliest opportunity humanly possible. We must report early and often, and maybe even publish his IP and email addresses so as to get him shut down by his ISP.
This shit has gone too far, and it is now incumbent on Warsie to serve as a very stern warning that if one endangers people in the manner he did, then the Consequences shall always be swift and severe.
Thank you.
P.S. all rights to this message I grant to the Senate. You may freely publish this PM and disclose its author in any way you see fit. Good day.



—Literal Faggot known as Einhander Sn0wm4n, this nigger claims to be a /b/; or fucking refers to it a lot but wanted to get 4chan on ths guy's ass.

Report that little motherfucker to his ISP and to the police and the FBI for good measure. Entrapment is a crime and he's liable for the shit he pulled in civil court if nowhere else. I hope his victims sue him so deep into the ground that he'll still be paying the damages 30 years from now.




I have been following this train wreck caused by Warsie and must say that banning is not enough.
He must be turned in to the Police and FBI for a thorough ass raping. Mike himself should sue Warsie for using his site for illegal acts, pain and suffering, and what ever else Mike can get to stick in a Civil Court.
Everyone who clicked on that link should come forth and get together to launch a class action lawsuit against Warsie.
Since Stravo, I believe is an attorney himself, he should be asked as to what actions if any can be pursued.
Warsie's avatar should be removed (its very fucking annoying anyway) and his sig changed to "I like Rick rolling people to the FBI, costing people their jobs, and I am a closet Pedophile. This is my e-mail address (followed by his e-mail address)"
He should also receive a custom banned title that reflects what he did.
P.S. I have three daughters and child pornography is something I take a very dim view on. This sort of shit ruins lives forever.



—"A Concerned Citizen", likely one of the mods sock accounts. black person gonna get V&, B& AND Raeped

Well I have an update regarding my former co-workers. Unfortunately four people will be losing their jobs once the dust settles. The company would rather wash their hands completely of this and send a message to the other employees that browse websites that aren't 'company approved'.
I advised them to submit their resignations in writing right away so they won't be filed as a termination due to abuse of company property. Neither of them expressed an interest in filing a lawsuit. I'll try and persuade them otherwise.
You may disclose this PM as well.



Massive Damage

I sent a copy to Sea Skimmer to bring to the Senate's attention, but he hasn't seemed to have checked his PM.
I just received word from a friend that he had just been released on bond for clicking the links that Warsie marked SFW.
I didn't know he was browsing here and now he has been fucked by Warsie's fucking Rick roll.
He has been expelled from his college where he was browsing from and is facing child porn charges. Its only a matter of time before the FBI takes over.
I gave him the link to the threads in question, so he can formulate a defense, but his chances are slim to beat this off.
To think I recommended my friend to join this site. (Here was the banging-head-on-wall smilie)




Jesus Christ. That fucking douchebag. Words really cannot express what that scum deserves.



—No one liked his jokes...:(

Warsie should be slapped with a felony conviction -- intent to defraud or entrap

Sure, he'll get out of it in eight years if he keeps his nose clean, but in the meantime, he'll have many problems -- now with background checks everywhere, a conviction for fraud/entrapment is going to be a "DO NOT HIRE" red flag...



—Entrapment only works against Partyvan and defraud is to swindle people out of their money for personal gain. HA

OH SHI- Southside Chicago Nigrafag has been B& before? For siding with the pedos in argument?

A point of interest.
While most of Warsie's posts come from a different IP address, the one in question came from
There was one user who used that IP address before: Star Wars Fan, who was banned for advocating pedophilia in 2005.
Wikipedia says that

This IP address,, is registered to an educational institution and may be shared by multiple users. If the institution uses proxy servers, this IP address may in fact represent many users at many physical computers.
But no one else seems to confirm this, and the name similarity is just too much to be a coincidence.
Something to consider.
Have a very nice day.



—Russiafag thinks the samefag is up to something...

That IP address resolves to the Chicago Public School system; the idiot did this at school


Well well well. Now we do have someone to contact--the Chicago Public Schools. Considering Zero Tolerance, we can at least get him expelled.


—EXPEL THIS NIGGER! Wait, how were you able tp do that in the hood, shit so nasty there


Again, I'd say Mike should notify the authorities (in the US I'd report Warsie as a child porn pusher to the FBI, but I'm not sure what would be appropriate for a Canadian - another reason for Mike to speak with a lawyer in his area.)


—Wait... Child porn pusher?

I give you my strong second in reporting him to the FBI. While we're at it, let's play Net Detective and drag out his ISP and employers. Addresses, phone numbers, and pics would be a nice greasy bonus as well. Even bigger bonus would be getting Digg or Reddit on his ass.
Think we can arrange that, My Lady?



Faggot talking to transexual

I usually like to leave my intentions ambiguous, but fuck that. Ban this worthless little shit.



—Bitches Don't know about my jokes!

The question of legality aside, his conduct has been exceptionable and tasteless in an extraordinary fashion. Exterminate.



—Some guy with demotivators in his photobucket

He linked us to a child-porn site?!
Immediate termination.



—Guy pointing out what a jackass this black person was

Across the line and into the distance. Not that I'm terribly surprised it was him doing something this dumb.



—Some asswipe asspie sucking dick oh its delicios cock

I'm usually fairly lenient on such things, but fucking A what a jack ass. Ban him immediately.



—The Long Arm of the Law...

He tried to run 'Child Porn' searches on the FBI's webserver? BAN the fucker.
Then report him to the FBI.



—A Van just pulled up
The vote is still open, but the outcome is obvious. Warsie has been eliminated.
He saw this coming. The little shit changed his E-mail address to [email protected] and deactivated his own account. Of course, I can simply look through the old backups to determine that his E-mail address was actually [email protected]



—OH SHI-Darth Wang, the Transformersfag who hates Anime somehow, delivers the Banhammer. The Big piece of Shit failes to realize both emails are fake. MOTHERFUCKING PWNED

It's clearly gone out of control. Warsie's behaviour is the last straw, and it won't stop with just him. Testing is an open invitation for self-proclaimed btards to commit illegal stunts which can get real people trying to live real lives tainted by their pathetic little shit.



—Self-proclaimed /b/tards... *facepalm* cancer

Yeah, I admit I was mostly just really, really scared for Arik--he's one of my better friends here and the thought of him losing his job (as he very well might now) and being unable to land another in this economic situation makes my gut twist horribly. My first instinct is that nothing is an overreaction when done to help one's friends, or avenge them. I'd really love to see Warsie get 3 - 5 years in a federal pen and a permanent sex offender record right about now.




He got into a huge flamewar with Nitram earlier over Asperger's and says he has had it medically diagnosed. Which really isn't an excuse. He has in the past made little or no effort to improve himself even when it has been patiently explained to him why he has gotten wrong and usually it has led to him throwing a bitchy fit and then everybody going "Fuck that" and flaming him to a cinder. In short, he is precisely as clueless and stupid as he appears to be and he isn't even trying. So fuck him and let him get a boot up his ass.




Surlethe, we are talking about someone facing child pornography indictment. I don't care if there are unwarranted bannings--frankly, being indiscriminate about a purge will just serve to terrorize the borderline cases, which can only be good. I mean, think about this for a moment ethically, please? Let's say we ban 100 people who don't deserve it--oh no, now they can't post at a message board. {wait....CRUSH THE INFIDEL



—But on the other hand, Warsie's act was, quite literally, unprecedented. We have no way of knowing that any other Testing members are even inclined to pull a stunt like this. If the chance of another person from Testing (or from another subforum here) were non-negligible, I'd agree with your reasoning; as it stands, by all indications this was a one-time event.




—I agree, it would be damned tough to find out who would be suitable to terminate, but at the least this needed to be brought up, because, God, do you realize that someone's life could be totally destroyed to the point where they might as well be better off dead over this? If there's the slightest way that any preemptive bannings could help, they should immediately be done. But I recognize that it's probably impossible to find the sick fucks in our midst, and more's the pity.

She has no room to talk



—Had I been a Mod in Testing, it would not have done any good. I saw the thread, read it, saw that people were telling Warsie what a little shit he was, and went to see for myself what the problem was-- and bingo.





Furfag IRC logs

<Lap_dragon> Hey shruakin, check out my furpic :D

* AuroraBorealis has quit (Quit: Leaving)

* dragon14 has quit (Ping timeout)

<eggnog> Dont do it, it's a bit link

<eggnog> lol

<Lap_dragon> the original link is about 3 feet long

<shruakin> what the hell is a bit link?

<shruakin> and what was that all about

<eggnog> CP

<eggnog> you haz it

<Boom> You has it to noggy :3

<shruakin> what is cp?

<Boom> too*

<eggnog> naw I'm not doubt enough to click a link

<shruakin> oh

<eggnog> Lap went to ims trying to get me to click it

<eggnog> lol

<shruakin> DAMNIT!

<eggnog> HA

<Boom> lol

<eggnog> Hard to troll a troll yo


<shruakin> FUCK YOU!

<shruakin> FUCK YOU!

<shruakin> FUCK YOU!!!

<Koopa> lmao

<Koopa> shruakin clicked it

<shruakin> FUCK YOU TOO

<Koopa> XD

<Lap_dragon> What?

* Lap_dragon is confused.


-Koopa- lmao, what was the link


<Lap_dragon> You don't like my furpic?

<Boom> And you know, the only reason he's freaking out like that is because he DOES have CP.



<Lap_dragon> I like to show my furpic


<Boom> Can someone ban him now?

<shruakin> FUCKING CP


<Boom> 80% of his last like, ten poses have been caps.

<shruakin> shut up boom

<shruakin> im yelling at someone

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