The Great LiveJournal Content Strike of 2008

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Well, at least they'll accomplish something.
Fighting for LJers' rights to... uh... have "slash" listed as a popular interest?

The Great LiveJournal Content Strike of 2008, referred to by its participants as The Content Strike or 3/21, is a protest being made by the more histrionic elements of LiveJournal's userbase, in response to a few policy changes SUP has instituted since buying LiveJournal. It all started when SUP eliminated Basic accounts, followed by a series of news posts not clarifying the changes, followed again by the blocking of certain interests on the popular interests page. DISREGARD THAT, IT WAS A TECHNICAL ERROR.

MLK took action, these LJers are taking action, it's a step towards something.



The Road to Drama also cox

March 13, 2008 - 100-Day Anniversary From Hell

From a product perspective it was more about creating a new registration process that was easier for new users to understand.


—jasonshellen, talking down to LJ users for great justice

March 14, 2008 - Clarifications

Anton Nosik does, in fact, like Mudkips.

We do not consider it necessary to inform those, who have not opened a basic account during 9 years of LiveJournal’s existence, that there is no such an opportunity any longer.


—Anton Nosik, displaying his immense capacity to care

March 15-18th, 2008 - Interests Denied

Oh for fuck's sake.
This was posted at least 100 times to the News feed.
Death threats!
Fact: Capitalist policies are a Communist product.

The audience of LJ is divided into 3 groups. There is the silent majority, which uses LJ for their own needs and is indifferent to who, when and with what money made such a resource and supports it. There are the positive minority (7-10 percent in the Russian LJ), these people like LJ, they consider it useful and want it to develop further. They help us, including constructive criticism, thanks to which we correct our mistakes. And there is the third category. They endlessly, during the entire existence of LJ promote lour initiatives, whose only purpose is to bring harm to LJ, its founders, their goal is to criticize, destabilize and ruin our reputation. They are usually motivated by wanting to attract attention to themselves. And they are successful every time.


—Anton Nosik, SUP's head of blog department

March 16-20th, 2008 - The Strike is Declared

Bitches don't know about Lj-favicon.png beckyzoole's protest.
  • Pagan Jew Lj-favicon.png beckyzoole unilaterally declares a boycott. The announcement is posted to communities all over the internet, most of which cover a wide range of unrelated topics like politics and baking. Like with Strikethrough, a whole new set of icons are made.
  • Remarkably sane LJ users begin to question the idea of a content strike, noting that it would make more sense for fandom to crapflood LJ's servers with crap entries and voice posts and strain bandwidth. Fandom, not noted for its sanity, ignored the suggestion and plans to go ahead with the non-posts.
  • Rumors on the internets about Russian Anti-Semites joining the protest begin circulating on the basis that Anton Nosik is an Jew. However, some argue that these rumors are patently false, as Russian Anti-Semites will be occupied with something else on the 21st.

How you could have helped (if you actually cared)

The only good comment in this entire mess.

The Aftermath

What? This article needs moar counter-strike content and lulz.
You can help by adding moar counter-strike content and lulz.

As of 2am UTC 3-22-08, the Great LiveJournal Content Strike of 2008 has proven itself to be an epic failure.


Global Reaction

India joined an international chorus of calls for dialog yesterday after pro-basic accounts protests in cyberspace spilled over into street violence, while Japan urged Lj-favicon.png _b0st0n_snark to consider the implications for the blogosphere.

International condemnation of LiveJournal Inc.'s action was muted.

LiveJournal's peak user community, Lj-favicon.png yiffexchange, was mostly shut down last Thursday, two days after Lj-favicon.png bipolypagangeek security forces crushed days of protests. Lj-favicon.png theljstaff said only 10 people were killed, but the blogosphere's government-in-exile, Frank the Goat, said the death toll was closer to 9000.

The spiritual leader of LiveJournal and Nobel peace laureate who fled to India in 2007, Brad Fitzpatrick, said that the international community had the “moral responsibility” to remind LiveJournal Inc. to be a good host for emo, morbid self-absorption and "irony", but added that LiveJournal deserved to sell all your dox.

LiveJournal Inc. has declared a “people’s war” of security and propaganda against support for the Brad, underlining that it will not heed calls from around the globe for a lenient response to the strike.

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