The Great Torrent Raid

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Pirate Bay is serious piracy

On 9th December 2014, Swedish police raided super-secret bullet proof hosting servers in a mountain complex in Nacka. These servers hosted some of the most hated sites by the MPAA, RIAA and other anti-piracy faggots who love getting money For Free: The Pirate Bay, EZTV, Zoink, Torrage, and Istole.

Pre-Raid era

Pirate Bay co-founder rekt in Thailand

Several months prior to the raid, the last of the TPB founders was caught in Thailand and sent to jail; The site remains operated by some random pirates nobody cares about. Another of the 3 founders, Peter Sunde, was released 2 weeks before the raid.

During the pre-raid era normalfags could torrent a huge load of films, music, series, software, dragon dildo blueprints, and much more copyrighted material from TPB and nobody except butthurt anti-piracy fags cared. It was common to do Pirate Parties during this era, totally straight, no homo.



Almost every torrent that was ever listed on The Pirate Bay plus many more new ones are still available via numerous websites. Thanks Obama!

The first hours

The first symptoms of the loss of the Pirate Bay were like a normal outage, people saying "the pirate bay is down!!!!", who were responded to by fags who thought to know everything with the following words: "its down due to maintenance retard, how new are you into this? theyre always back." Retards followed Retards and everybody accepted that it was closed due to maintenance.

12 hours passed without it coming back though, and disclosure about the seizure reached the news (maintenance retards rekt) and started a Tweet war on Twitter-favicon.png #ThePirateBay, which was as effective as any other twitter campaign - it ended with MPAA laughing at delicious pirate tears. Shills, astroturfers and competitors found that the hashtag was a great opportunity to send traffic to their gay blogs, honeypots, alternative torrent sites full of Viagra ads or private streaming sites which you have to pay 8$ a month for, or suck admin cock to get free.

Lot of people were calming the normalfags by saying that TPB will return back in less than 24 hours as it has done so over 9000 times before this raid. Because TPB is indestructible right?


The Pirates of The Caribbean

The kind of pirates you can find on

The 24 hours passed and TPB wasn't up yet; There was no activity on their Twitter(Twitter-favicon.png tpb) or (now-deleted) Failbook account and the media announced that there was been one person arrested during the raid. The chaos increased and shills crapflooded the shit out of Twitter-favicon.png #ThePirateBay with alternatives and links of all kinds to get Shekels by advertising revenue.

The king of advertising that day was a new site hosted in USA with a Costa Rica domain which was claimed by fake accounts and some normalfags who fell for the trap to be the new official domain. The first days the domain gave no problems to users, except that it wasn't serving the updated list of torrents and magnet links from the original TPB; But then it started scamming people by making them pay to be able to download something.

This same thing happened with other domains such as .tk and .ee which both seem to be MPAA honeypots to recollect IPs.

OldPirateBay and New EZTV

After the scandal of the previous clones, the old torrent site Isohunt who had his owners pwnt and v& made a copy of the pirate bay which serves more updated files than the other scam sites(actually MalaysiaBay does dumbass). Even now, nearly 2 weeks after the raid you can still find oldpiratebay vs shill wars on different forums and social networks.

EZTV is also back, which means the whole raid did nothing to the piracy movement and caused the MPAA and Hollywood Jews to pay a big quantity of money in lobbying against the swedish government.

Anonymous irrelevant shit

Anonymous failing as always

Anonymous replied to the raid with the leakage of emails and credentials from Swedish government sites that NOBODY is going to review, spam or fuck with and with the exposure of the IP of Swedish police website, to be able to get the IP of the site they haxed the unhaxable with 1337 CSIII skills.

And... who the hell cares about those SJW "hackers?"


People saw that BitTorrent is decentralized but at the same time is centralized since it needs a server to store all the torrent files or magnet links needed for connecting to the BitTorrent p2p network (pro tip: host a .onion on tor genius). Some software devs created a fully decentralized BitTorrent client which was being extremely shilled on /g/ after TPB raid, in one of the many threads something happened: the devs appeared to reply to all the questions.


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