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Typical 'Phant

The Heirophant Council was a Marilyn Manson forum where each user is supposed to pretend to be interesting, which they clearly are not, to increase their post count & earn reputation points. Most of the posts consist of "lol" or shitty poetry that only a gothfag could write. They also have a section labeled Hate Anthems where they whine about how their parents grounded them, their girlfriends dumped them, or the standard "fuck the world" thread. The essence of pure teenage angst flows through you as the page loads and you scroll through the inane dribble they come up with. Most of the threads are blatant forgery, pathetic attempts by 20 year old pseudointellectuals to make the 14 year old inhabitants of the board lol, and made up stories for positive rep points or attention.

This forum being dedicated to Marilyn Manson already makes it fail, but the majority of the members aren't even into this music, these people are sexual predators who feel that Manson's fanbase is a good target for finding disenfranchised preteens who will blow anything with a pulse that is wearing mascara and a "Kill Your God" t-shirt.

Ugly, 40 year old gawth housewives love Manson, too!

Breakdown of Users

Normal User - These are the fags who generally post stories of how they get beaten up at school for being a goth and listening to Marilyn Manson. They generally stick to the General Chat and Hate Anthems sections because they know little or nothing at all about the artist they have dedicated their life to blowing.

The Phant told me it's OK to stick prolungated objects up my anus!


—Random Heirophant User, on how the Phant turned him gay.

Senior Members - It doesn't matter how many reputation points you have, it doesn't even matter how large your post count is to be a Senior Member. You must suck the correct cock in order to join this special club. TheAmazingAtheist is in this club proving it is chock full o' fail. These Senior Members are generally seen making fun of n00bs and trying to be funny. They're the only ones who have the extra sensory powers to detect those nameless neg reppers and it appears to their control panel automatically. Kinda like a peeping tom through a cunt full of hair.

Symbol of faggotry.

Admins/Moderators - If you make fun of a mod or admin on this site, they will strike you with their banhammer usually giving them a strong sense of sexual excitement. These are the cocks to suck if you want to become a Senior Member. They usually consist of IRL losers who think that because they have power on a small-time internet forum they are 1337. They're also the equivalent of Manson's hated jocks who beat down punk-ass fuckers like road kill without a care in the world. Now that the Phant has been shutdown, they feel stark raving naked without their Senior Member and status quo to feel better about themselves than the rest. They're Chris Jericho's fave scourge of heel hypocritical parasite tapeworms who pander to the Senior Members pre-occupied with their massive egos the size of a jackhammer dildo hybrid. They also share the same massive egos the size of Vince McMahon's steroid filled body and cock with it...

Further more, their artistic "talent," viewed outside of an so-called "elite" message board community, is now seen as mediocre and uninspired, unlike the unprovoked artists they attacked.

Nameless Neg Reppers - They're the equivalent of back alley masked faceless thugs who beat anyone down in the dark of night when no one's watching.


On Friday, June 19, The Heirophant Council was assassinated via sex murder. All moderators were found with a large amount of semen inside their lungs, and it is believed that they were killed through forced oral sex. Feces was also found at the crime scene.

BREAKING NEWS: Contrary to popular rumors, the moderators and administrators were not killed by watching The Signal, but by being sexually assaulted and killed by Lewis Denton/ A. J. Bowen himself. Another possible cause of death is that the database MansonUSA became self-aware, and in a minute of decay, became disgusted with itself, destroyed itself, and inserted semen into the mods and admins lungs for good measure.

Judgment Day has come to cyberspace. Unfortunately, John Connor doesn't want assholes or abusive robotic admins/mods to be saved from the terminators. So, instead, the machines took care of the rest of the pathetic admins/Seniors to their doom in Skynet concentration camps where they'll be converted into mindless, abusive machines based on their personas of what they did to the rest of humanity.

The truth however is much more boring. Mansonusa was hosted by Fissionwebs, which also hosts the nacht kabarret site and other Nick Kushner e-commerce sites. Nick couldn't stand the fact that even after his own NK manson site was deemed official, it still wasn't as popular as Mansonusa. Manson himself didn't like how he no longer had any control or influence over Mansonusa since he and the site owners had a falling out. But instead of letting Mansonusa assume new owners, or management more inline with Manson, Nick just had fissionwebs pull the plug so his site would be number one.

Even More Death

A year after shutting down Mansonusa and it's forums, Nick Kushner shut down the forums on his own website. Leaving dozens of wannabee goth losers to cry in their black milk on facebook Over 90% of the costs for running the Nacht Kabarett site were eaten up providing the bandwidth for NK's forum where users posted shit that was even dumber then Mansonusa and failed to be impressed by Nick Kushners "I paint with my own blood" gimmick. Nick would rather spend the ad revenue on travelling around to see Manson shows where he could make money selling coke to Manson and help Manzin save up for her sex changer operation. It's rather sad how Nick went thru the trouble of destroying Mansonusa's forums so his own forum would be the biggest, only to turn around and shut his own forum down when it failed to make him a superstar or pay for his coke habit.

Nacht Kabarett Tiny Chat

Former members of the Nacht Kabarett forums love to waste time on Tiny Chat where they like to make racist jokes, dress up like Nazis and insult eachother.


The big game is to log on multiple times using different screenames and pretend someone else is a fake of yourself. Certain members at times have been logged on simultaneously on as many as five different screenames to make it appear as if they were so notorious as to have that many fakers. If you want to troll their tiny chat, don't bother making fun of Marilyn Manson. Most of the users of the Nacht Kabarett don't even like Manson any more and spend more time making fun of him for being fat and drug addled then any of the fanboy worship Nick would post back on the Nacht Kabarett.

Some memorable chatters include;

Manzin (a girl who dresses like a boy)

Lydia (a boy who dresses like a girl)

Dean (British late night comedian)

Shatner (west coast comedian)

Egh (non-sexual computer nerd)

mgwmp (native-american cross-dressing heroin AIDS patient, expect him/her dead soon)

Adam (sexy emo goth boy out in LA that everyone wants to fuck)

Tater (attention whore)

alabaster (unattractive attention whore)

chavz (sexy texas boy everyone wants to fuck more then adam)

Loftvoker AKA BOTE (37 yr old unemployed african-american mental patient) and many more too unimportant to mention

Their claim to fame was being mentioned in a Manson song ("Narcissistic and Shallow")

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