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The League of Anti-Flamers: Protecting the creators of "wonderful" art such as this from flamers.

The League of Anti-Flamers, run by the wholly inept agent-CHAOS, is a shoddy and ill-managed attempt to save the popular kids on DeviantART from people who don't think their shit doesn't stink. Due to the fact that not only is the leader of this group made of fail but that most flamers are in fact trolls, this will inevitably lead to great lulz, but not great justice.


And they will be led by someone who doesn’t even have a basic understanding of the message system…

The League was conceived by agent-CHAOS on March 2, 2007 when he "had the idea of forming something called The anti-flamer leauge. this group of people is formed to help people with any problems that they may have with flamers. I have thought about this for some time and this can help people if they need people."

The next day, he started rallying masses. He left notices on the comments pages of several users, garnering the attentions of about eight people. Realizing that he might actually have found enough people dense enough to believe this might accomplish something, he set to work on the club's manifesto.

It should be noted that these people decided it would be a good idea to follow someone who doesn't even know how to respond to comments on his user page or send a multi-recipient note. These gentlemen are extraordinarily retarded.

The Rules

The rules. It would stand to reason that if you’re fighting flamers, you shouldn’t be one yourself. Of course, this is a noob’s work, so…

The unofficial rules were set in place on the 8th. They read (with courteous spelling checking agent-CHAOS is unable to provide) as follows:

I have worked hard on this and I have come up with some unofficial rules and guidelines for the league.

  • 1.)Purpose: the purpose for the league is to help other users with their problems of "flaming", "flamers", and anyone harrassed by *people on this site.
  • 2.) membership requirements.

any person is elligeble to join the league as long as:

  • A.) they are a member of the site that the league is set up in.(example: a member of can not join the chapter if the are not a member of the site.)
  • B.) they must send a note saying that they want to join the league.
  • 1b.) the have to state why the are willing to join the league.
  • C.) the must agree to the code of conduct for members.
  • D.)If you wish to be considered for The League of Anti-Flamers you must bring the following items at the time of you application. (NOTE: Bringing the required items does not guarantee admission to training, but no applicant will be considered without these items):
    • Two black shirts
    • Two black pair of trousers
    • One pair of heavy black shoes
    • Two pair of black socks and two pair of plain underwear.
    • One heavy black coat
    • One white towel
    • One army surplus cot mattress
    • One white plastic mixing bowl
    • Five hundred dollars personal burial money
  • 3.) code of conduct.
  • You don't talk about the league.
  • You DO NOT talk about the league.

In order to be a part of the league, members have to follow the code of conduct.

members will be given 3 chances to be a part of the league if in case they mess up, however:

  • A.) If a member is caught breaking the rules, the member will be warned and the will have to explain their actions.
  • B.) if a member is caught a second time, then the member will be warned with expulsion, tagged as a repeat offender, and the member will have to explain their actions.
  • C.)if th member is caught a third time, then the member will be told to leave the league, be no longer be recognized as a member, and the member will have to explain their actions.
  • 5.) exceptions:

members can be forgiven for breaking the rules if they explain their actions in full for the offence commited. however,members can not do this for consecutive offences and this can only be done for limited amounts.

  • 6.) disclaimer:

people will not be turned down because of gender, race, Mexican, Jew, sexual orientation, country, age, and/or artictic ability.

  • 7.) expectation.

members are expected to help others while in the league.

Tl;dr story short, don’t be a hypocrite. That’s for fags.

Come the 10th, he made another journal entry in which he copypasta'd the rules, only this time, they were the Official rules. Since you can easily make edits to previous journal entries and alert everyone watching you to these changes simultaneously, agent-CHAOS made yet another display of his ineptitude and newbbery.

The Meeting

Spider_Elvis pointing out agent-CHAOS’s inability to manage a simple task such as getting people in one place at set time.
Mantarok1255 explaining the intricacies of time zones.

Later that day, agent-CHAOS visited every one of his members' pages to inform them via their comments block that he had arranged a meeting in the chat room he created, leagueofantiflamers, at 6:30 that evening.

No one showed up.

This is because, in a festival of fucktardery, agent-CHAOS forgot to mention just what timezone his 6:30 was in. No one knew when to be in the chatroom, thus the first official meeting of the League of Anti-Flamers was made of inattendance and fail. Several members at this point chose to give him whatfor in the way of messages pointing out his asshattery.

Fighting Back

What exactly does the League of Anti-Flamers intend to do about flamers? So far all they’ve come up with is this:

My first idea is to comfront the flamers and talk to them. Second I had the idea of using the league as some sort of group for support to those who are harrassed by flamers. third I thought that if a flamer is persistant then the league has no choice but to report them to the administration.



You’d better watch the fuck on out. agent-CHAOS and his league will do the same thing all lolcows do when confronted with opposition. Trolling is advisable, as they don’t know how to fight the type of people they think they’re fighting in the first place, much less a group of people whose actual goal is ruin.

The Future

It remains to be seen if agent-CHAOS will ever RTFM and learn to manage a proper organization. However, regardless of whether he does or not, it’s still certain that the League of Anti-Flamers will fail horrifically, hopefully (in the interests of maximum lulz) due to self pwn.

Unless agent-CHAOS can remember to leave timezones on his notices, this is highly likely.

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agent-CHAOS on deviantART, HQ of the League of Anti-Flamers. He didn't even know enough to make a separate account for the damn thing.

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