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The Loud family.

The Loud House (also known as The Lewd House and Incest Waifu: The Animated Series) is a harem comedy that airs on Nickelodeon. It was green-lit when the network realized they had literally nothing on their channel except SpongeBob SquarePants and shitty kidcoms. Tumblr fags and 4chan have quickly latched onto the show, claiming the Loud sisters as waifus because they have absolutely no chance of scoring with a real woman.

Other than pedophiles, the show is only popular with Enterbots who think this show will "save" the network, and SJWs, who love the show for its inclusion of a homosexual interracial couple in a kids' cartoon.


The show is about a young albino named Lincoln living with ten sisters because their parents have never used or even heard of condoms. Every episode involves him having an issue with one or more of them (including him addressing the viewer as though they're too stupid to figure out what's going on themselves) and then resolving it (basically it's like The Brady Bunch or Full House if they were animated). This generic as fuck setup is just an excuse for the writers to make up wacky hijinx and provide fanservice to themselves and the Internet to appease their paedophilic lust for incest.


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Lincoln talks to the show's fanbase.
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She may be fan fiction, but her psychological trauma is real.
  • Lincoln: The middle child and only boy in the family. A selfish little asshole who is constantly getting fucked over by his sisters because he's too much of a wet blanket to be a man and stick up for himself.
  • Lori: The oldest sister. A massive cunt who constantly bullies her siblings for the lulz. She also uses the word literally all the fucking time. A frequent favorite of the show's horny adult male fanbase.
  • Luna: The third-oldest sister. Lesbo with no real personality, other than having a hard-on for British rock stars.
  • Luan: The fourth-oldest sister. Everything she says is a shitty pun that not even her siblings find funny. She also has a YouTube channel, fitting in perfectly with all the talentless faggots on the site who think they're funny. She's also a psychopath to boot.
  • Lucy: A Goth wannabe who is constantly moaning about everything and scaring the shit out of everybody with her social retardation. Will likely commit a murder-suicide at some point in her life.
  • Lana: The other tomboy character who prides herself on being disgusting. Has no real character traits, with her only purpose in the show being a foil to her buttbuddy Lola.
  • Lola: Lana's insufferable bitch of a twin sister who thinks she's better than everyone else and gets everyone in trouble. A frequent beauty pageant winner, likely through illegitimate means.
  • Ronnie Anne Santiago: Lincoln's Mexican girlfriend who beats the shit out of him one time. The fandom loves her even though she's only been in three episodes. Also Bobby's sister.
  • Mom and Dad: The parents who have never heard of safe sex. Mom has no personality while Dad is a gigantic manchild.

The creator

The show was created by Chris Savino, known for being a writer for My Little Pony and Johnny Test, and for fucking up The Powerpuff Girls before Cartoon Network fucked it up even worse with the reboot. He has said the show was based on his own experiences growing up in a large family, which makes one wonder about his relationship with his own siblings. It's also worth noting that prior to The Loud House, he wrote a comic strip entitled The Complex Adventures of Eddie Puss, and it's about a cat kid who has the hots for his mother. No, really. Explains a lot about the prevalent perversion on display in The Loud House.

All aboard the incest ship!

As if it wasn't already fucked up enough for a fanbase to ship a show's main character with his ten sisters, fans of The Loud House decided to take it up a notch and create their own vision of what Lincoln's deformed and retarded incest-children would look like with each of his sisters. The most popular of these disgusting abominations is "Lacy Loud," the product of Lincoln knocking up his sister Lynn.



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