The Maze Runner

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Thomas and Teresa super Kawaii Desu Desu ne ^_^

The Maze Runner is a book by James Dashner. You probably already knew that though. Because you've read it.


A lesbian named thomas wakes up in a chamber without his memories but he still knows his own name. The ceiling opens up and then he finds a bunch of guys. He gets some surprise buttsex almost the whole time he is there from a redneck named newt and some Azn kid named MyHo. They call him greenbean because his penis is small and green. There's a nigger named Alby and he gets his ass saved by Thomas. Because they were trapped in a maze filled with Grievers. Alby becomes Thomas's bitch until Teresa arrived. Then Thomas starts running around in the Maze until he eventually gets raped by a group of grievers and then a skeleton pops out. Thomas makes a promise to his best friend, Chuck, that he would find Chuck's family, and fuck their eyes out. Thomas gets scared and then gets his memories back. And then they all solve the puzzle. They get to go home! BUT THEN THEY FIND OUT THAT ITS THE APOCOLYPSE OR SOME SHIT.


All of the characters are lesbians.

Thomas - The main lesbian of the series. He gets buttraped all of the time.

Teresa - The second main lesbian of the series. She also gets buttraped, but she does it to herself because of how fugly she is.

MyHo - An Asian kid who teaches Thomas to run around and get raped by grievers.

Alby - Nigger.

Chuck - He dies.

Gladers - Everyone else that nobody cares about.

Gally - Some psycho bitch who dies in the middle of the book.

Frypan - The cook with the stupidest name possible.

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