The Not-So-Great Frinkle Meme

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The beginning of something, at least

In the waning days of 2007, a post was made to a community [1] by someone posing as the cat in the macro to the right. Various lulz and WTFs were had, and a fan community was made. However, deep in the comments various contenders to the throne arose, foreshadowing things to come. Lj-favicon.png frinklecat then proceed to troll the comments of Lj-favicon.png cat_macros, feigning shock and disbelief at the ignorance of the helpless housewives. Soon the spin-offs were following suit and the comments earned the ire of some of LJ's /b/tards [2], leading to several trollish posts. Things came to a head when this post was made, and retarded kitten sockpuppets exploded onto the scene. As before, various lulz and WTFs were to be had again, with the mini-meme beginning its slow crawl across LJ land


The Spin-offs

The Not-So-Great Frinkle Meme
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