The Not-So-Great Syringe Meme of 2005

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The syringe meme all started at least 100 years ago when Lj-favicon.png zhzhblyad made her boyfriend (gay cover) take an icon of animal loving fucktard Lj-favicon.png brn_eyd_grl's dog in a party hat, and Photoshopped a syringe and red eyes into the image à la Lj-favicon.png zhzhblyad's trademark dope fiend chihuahua icon.

She pretended not to care until thespoony stole the altered icon, sending Lj-favicon.png brn_eyd_grl into a hissy fit and causing her to leave Lj-favicon.png brutal_honesty. When he refused to take it down, she slapped him and Lj-favicon.png zhzhblyad with a DMCA notification because her dogs were like her children or some lame shit. Under the advice of his Internet lawyer, Hardvice, Spoony filed a counter-notification citing the DMCA parody clause. To be safe, they both took down the icon until LJ Abuse's time limit for a counter-notification expired.

Then, some other fag thought it would be a great idea to add text to the icon, and spread it around. Soon enough, everyone was adding syringes, red eyes and party hats to their own icons, even people who had no idea what it meant, forging a meme that would last a lifetime about five minutes.

Lj-favicon.png brn_eyd_grl would later delete her journal, only to undelete it shortly thereafter and friends lock the whole thing. Her dogs and husband remain ugly, even to this day.

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