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War Diary

The Plan of Operations

On the 6th of February 2007, irc EDiots registered accounts on Live, also known as The Promised Land to promote love and lulz following Argent009's recent surrender of YouTube to Bantown.[1]

The first few teams probed the new waters by making their presence known and "reporting in" to Lulz Command and sending birthday greetings to Girlvinyl. Much lulz were shared as the strike teams tried to raise the ranking of these videos with comments, hits and favourites.
The banhammer fell swiftly after the appearance of a video by violetkitty411 called "Fight Fire With Fire" naming the assault teams in a hitlist and urging Live Video users to block and report any videos made by the team of EDiots. Many good accounts were lost and our base of operations destroyed in this first banning, but our loyal troops did not give up, and called for reinforcements to aid their cause.

The Master Plan

Employing a new, never-before-seen tactic, EDiots began a new campaign to solidify their presence on Live Video; most notably with ToS compliant videos of cats and cat related memes. The decision was made not to troll, but rather to remain calm and polite at all times. No doubt the enemy was braced for a hateflood of biblical proportions, but their defense was not designed to protect against polite dialogue. Emails were sent, but no replies were received. More users (some of which had no affiliation with ED) were targeted on violetkitty411's hitlist, but armed with our new tactic, losses were less.

A minor victory

Flagging of violetkitty411's video as hate speech and against the almighty ToS provided a minor victory when it was taken down by the Live Video mods. However, before the medal award ceremony had begun, the video was reinstated and further brave videos were lost.

Sympathy for ED

Pro-ED videos were made, most notably "The Truth About ED" by Hoveround [2]. This video, with its slick presentation, intelligent dialogue and good taste in suits managed to gain the attention of a few Live Video members who send messages of support to those involved. The video is currently in its third incarnation after two subsequent deletions and one account ban.

As a side note, EDiots attempted to make this video the "Top Hit Votes for the Hour", but unfortunately was beaten to the position at 9:00GMT by this faggotry. [3]

Breaking Front-line Reports

The First Victory or "OPERATION YAKETY CATS"

The unforseen win of Yakety Cats

In an effort to make no possible breach of the Live Video ToS, a video was posted by cirrus of two kittens playing to the tune of Yakety Sax. The ED logo showed at the end of the film. As the battle for Live Video continued into its second day, this video unexpectedly appeared in the most hallowed "Top Hit Votes for the Hour" box at 8:00GMT. It was immediately boosted from 10 views to over 1000 and made more users aware of ED's presence on Live Video. The video is still up in all its glory and is considered the first major victory on Live Video.

LiveVideo "gets hacked"

Since the posting of Violetkitty's video, everything going wrong with Live Video is being blamed on EDiots. KyHell posted a video warning users that LV had been hacked because of shoddy website coding that made his browser throw up "Bad Request" every time he tried to access the page. This happened to Live Video user and Dumbledore look-alike Caveman, who posted a followup video. This error was originally discovered by EDiots and was at first believed to be a final solution to the "ED menace". It later turned out to be a simple cookie error that is fixed by clearing one's cache; quite leet hacking if I do say so myself.


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