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Thank rape for The Rapeman.

The Rapeman (also known as THE レイプマン) is Japan's most popular superhero. Unlike the Batman, who uses his massive wealth to fund the creation of various crime-fighting tools, The Rapeman only has one tool at his disposal – Rape, lots and lots of rape.

The Plot

The Rapeman is not your average Superhero who fights crime with Superspeed (the Flash), Super Strength (Superman), or Super Wealth (Batman). Rather, he fights crime with the power of Rape by reforming vile bitches with his huge, throbbing meatrod. During daytime our Hero lives his everyday life as Keisuke Uwasaki, a high school teacher in Japan, but during the night he fights the forces of evil by turning into the masked avenger the Rapeman, a fighter for great justice "Righting wrongs through penetration." Unlike manginas who are quickly coerced into not raping because they are told "real men don't" rape, and unlike niggers who are raping everything in sight, the Rapeman has found a healthy balance in forced penetration and only rapes for the greater good. The fiends he fights are various women who are quickly overwhelmed by his manhood and then are turned into functioning members of society by repeated insertion.

The Rapeman is not only protecting the world from crime, he is also living the Japanese dream.


The Rapeman is, of course, a Japanese manga, anime, and a freaking live-action movie series (yes, look it up) made in the mid-90s. Because of its' colorful glorification of rape it stirred up a lot of butthurt in Japan and can still be used as source for wonderful drama on the internet. Just post one of the more fucked up pictures on a tumblr page about feminism or similar shit and watch the SJWs go crazy. Look at the pictures, there's enough rage fuel to power the lulz for decades to come.


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