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The Register is a news website run by britfags, mainly about technology news and security, but also covering Internet Law among other topics. The site is filled with ads to the point that adblock is almost required to read it. Although generally unfunny, the site does sometimes produce some lulz.

The Register hates the British government, especially Jacqui Smith. They also hate Phorm, although they are probably being paranoid.

They also covered the massive drama about PIFTS.exe.

Articles Commentary

Their articles have a comments system which is full of retards and people making the same unfunny jokes over and over again on every single article and getting into the same arguments. Comments are fairly easy to troll, although posts require approval and if you are too obvious in your trolling, it won't get approved. Be subtle.

The Register hate Wikipedia too, referring to their editors as "wiki-fiddlers".

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