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The Rock Driving is a meme that was shat from the bowels of Jewgrounds.

The Rock Driving is another comic meme that crept up from the shitty abysmal depths of the /b/ureau party. It is a relatively infamous meme from the movie The Race to Witch Mountain that was bound to, sooner or later, have been inserted into the shitdirt of Jewgrounds. On July 29, 2009, as a result of this insertion, it became the first widely-reported image macro to gain notoriety more as an NG Meme than a 4chan one. The picture elegantly describes The Rock driving in a shitpiss 21st century vehicle with an alien minor (making him an alien babysitter, lol), thus ensuing major lulz.

The Rock Driving

The Beginning

By now, while endlessly using the internets, you should know how every shitty meme begins. They begin with anon posting between the sections of image pages on /b/, while a visitor from another site takes this potential moment to the extreme thought that that he might lead on a good meme.

The Jewgrounder then travels back on a 80 mile journey to his village to tell of this Epic pic, commanding all to Pshop/MSPaint it in order to make it really funny. The origin of this meme can be found here

The Funny Part LOL

The Jewgrounder achieved his potential of ALMOST creating a meme, but sadly, it did not achieve pages over 9000. Other Jewgrounders came into the topic, and put in effort to create one that would make people lulz repeatedly. Like knowing that jesus is fake and knowing Spaghetti is real, it was very predictable that 3/4 of the content posted would be loli jokes and kiddy fiddling. The rest resumed to be unfunny jokes and some other creative ones.

End of the lulz?

Currently, the meme is still alive and living well. Only time will tell if this meme will achieve epic lulz and inspiration to others. But like all other things, it dies, and is put on display at a tear-jerking, depressing funeral. But all in all and being srs, 'Rock Driving' is batshit hilarious and it will make you high as ass. Not to mention the raging erections it gives. Also, regardless of what anyone else says, this came from Newgrounds

UPDATE: On 11/29/2009, Eyelovepoozy caught wind of the popular thread that people were enjoying. Knowing full well that that kind of shit isn't tolerated on the NG BBS, poozy swiftly locked the thread saying the following: "Should've been locked ages ago.", killing the Newgrounds meme, however, it is still available to view. It is official NG BBS moderator policy to lock potentially funny threads as soon as possible in the name of "sealing the freshness". Little do they know that feces is fresh straight out of the bottle but it still smells like ass.

/b/ vs BBS? (not the end of lulz)


A day or two after the initial post of the PS thread 'The Rock Driving', a member from fellow Jewgrounds noticed that /b/ had stole their precious little meme and copypasta'd the fuck out of their image macros. The proof was in the shit and that was all there to it.

Somebody just sent me a link to /b/ where they were doing this exact same thread. And like half of the posts were entries from here. 4chan stealing from NG- that has to be a first, haha.

Either that, or someone here is pilfering from our boards. AN NGer THAT VISITS 4CHAN? THE HELL YOU SAY!


Jamoke, a Jewgrounds mod, revealing the awe-striking truth.

The war rages on as Jewgrounds TRY to topple over the death-stenching, heart-throbbing ass of /b/ itself, and fuck it in the poop chute while using a furryporn magazine as a shitfuck condom. We know they won't win anyways, /b/ always wins, newfags.


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