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Brian Benson is a fanny bandit working in the film industry who, in 1999, decided it would be wise to take 100 pics of himself with naked women in the shower. Strangely enough, he succeeded!

I am happy to announce that the shower project has been a success. Thanks to all the beautiful women who were brave enough to hop in the shower with me. And thanks to everyone else for their continued interest in the project. Stay clean.


Not to be confused with Benson and Hedges Cigarettes.

On a rather humorous note, he lists his favorite book as Bridge to Terabithia on his Myspace page.

The Shower Project 1999

He started the project because people were suggesting that he was merely pretending to be gay in order to get at some women.

Anyway, to taunt my taunters I thought I would shower with several of these women and take a picture of it. I thought about it and talked about it and finally obsession set in and I set a goal to shower with 100 women by the end of the year.


The girls

The Shower Project 2010

This year, Brian has decided to try to do the same project with straight men. This time, he is making a documentary out of it.

Since I had so much fun with the shower project, I have decided to begin a new project this year, namely "100 Straight men in the Shower." Boys... are you man enough?


So far, he has been able to bathe with 13 boys.

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