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"The Thaw" summarized in one picture.

"The Thaw" is a video shit out by an organization named "ReachAmerica" that uses teenagers and kidrens to whine and bitch about how Christians are being "persecuted" and oppressed in the Jewnited States of Americunts, despite the unfortunate fact that 78% of the American population are still Christians.The video is a source of intense lulz due to the hilarious bullshit spewed second after second. Uploaded on April 8th, 2013, the video has garnered widespread and rightly deserved ridicule from people all across the Internets.

Some argue that The Thaw was made in an attempt to troll the atheist populations on YouTube, and is nothing more than a poorly-made compilation of whiny, slavering Christfags complaining about the world around them. Others argue that the video is serious, an attempt to rally an army to overthrow the American government and plaster crosses and Bibles all over the country, as well as execute any indiviual daring enough to skip church on Sunday.


"The Thaw" received overwhelmingly negative reviews. Most viewers of the 5 minute 38 second waste of Internet space criticized the teenagers' alarmism, and the video made Christianity look even more batshit insane.

Unbelievably, there are pathetic excuses of humans who actually sympathize with the whiny teenagers' repressive agenda. Extreme Bible fanboys joined the whiny bitches' side, and spewed their illogical bullshit all over the Intarwebs, further contaminating the minds of those infected with the Jesusvirus.


One month after the original video was uploaded, the fat, autistic lard known as TheAmazingAtheist uploaded a video on his YouTube account, pointing out the flaws in the 5-minute steaming pile of horse shit.

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