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The Throw is a technique used by particularly calculating and experienced trolls during flamewars to make their opponent lower their defense and to provide fodder for their own degradation. So-named by the martial arts cliche of offering a handshake, then dramatically throwing the person to the ground. This is usually done by feigning vulnerability on the part of the troll, thus prompting their opponent to do the same. With the soul of the trolled party bared and open, it is utterly destroyed.

An example of a basic Throw:

 Prima and Secunda have been flamewarring for some time.
 Prima: Hey, I'm sorry about being such a dick about this, my girlfriend dumped me yesterday
 and I've just been sad and angry ever since ;_;
 Secunda: Oh, sorry. Well you're lucky, I've never even had a girlfriend.
Since your dad only taught you how to catch.

A Practical Guide to Throwing

The throw's most important feature is that it becomes more effective the more you know about your opponent. Reading their LJ or Tumblr can help but observing what they post in the given community is usually best. Find out about them, their past, their personality. Find their weakness and work out how it can be exploited. A Throw need not be done with emotional crap either. Anything that will provoke a serious response from the target can potentially be used to throw them.

It's very easy for a Throw to backfire, so only use it if you know what you are doing. Firstly, your opponent may not take the bait because they've either seen it before or have no emotions. Always have a good comeback ready for what they may say when they spot your trap. Also, if you're too insistent on trying to badger something personal out of the target, you may appear creepy and like you think the Internet is serious business, and those who may have supported you in your righteous endeavor might turn against you. This is why you must proceed with grace and patience.

It should be noted that not everyone seen showing weakness in a flamewar is attempting a Throw. They might just be a pussy.

It is the mark of a master troll (or sometimes a really dumb target) to execute a Throw more than once on the same person.

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