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The Transit Coalition is a message board consisting of people with Asperger's Syndrome talking about the public transport infrastructure of the greater Los Angeles, California area.

The message board

If you were a member of The Transit Coalition, you'd be fapping right now.

The main purpose of The Transit Coalition's message boards is to allow it's members to fellate each other over the rapid transit system of Los Angeles, although the passengers consist of the homeless, crack heads, crazy people, and one 20-something guy sitting in the corner who lost his license after one too many DUI's. When not posting on The Transit Coalition, members occupy their time by photographing piles of dirt sitting where a train station may one day be, recording and posting videos to Youtube taken out the window of a moving train, and masturbating to videos others have taken out the window of a moving train.

The trolls

The most successful trolls of The Transit Coalition.

The Bus Riders Union, a troll organization that puts the GNAA to shame, has successfully trolled The Transit Coalition by continuously lobbying for more buses in Los Angeles, convincing Los Angelse to build a special road just for buses, and trying to get one of the train lines built as a special road just for busses. In this way, the Bus Riders Union revealed that the easiest way make members of The Transit Coalition cry is to suggest that a bus route should be instituted instead of a train.

The Drama

One poster, expolinefan, decided in late 2011 that he was fed up with his fellow posters questioning his super-secret inside source for information regarding the opening of an as yet does not exist train line, so he decided to delete all his posts and create his own competing message board called 'EXPO LINE NEWS & INFO'. This is a devastating blow, as expolinefan was the primary source of photographs of piles of dirt sitting where a train station may one day be.

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