The Vagina Ass of Lucifer Niggerbastard

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Lucifer's Vagina Ass
Lucifer's Vagina Ass after getting reamed by the Dyke Queen of Carthage

The Vagina Ass of Lucifer Niggerbastard is a meaningful and truly original work of fiction, probably written during third period while the oh-so-edgy author Shawn Wunjo was stuffed inside a locker. Wunjo self-publishes his novels through, where they last until they're pulled down for intense levels of profanity and having no artistic value. He then republishes them in the cookbook section. The Vagina Ass of Lucifer Niggerbastard has taken the literary world by storm, with critics hailing it as "the most mindless, annoying, completely worthless series of English words I have ever read". But you don't have to take my word for it!

Fired from his job at the Analsausage Fuck Factory, Lucifer Niggerbastard sets off on an epic quest with his compatriots, a burbling sack of babyshit and Rojir the razor-bladed dildo. Written based off an outline of the events of Virgil’s Aeneid scribbled on the back of a cocktail napkin by a drunk, The Vagina Ass of Lucifer Niggerbastard is an epic tale told in a bizarro-author’s take on the ancient Homeric masters. Hey, all writers are thieves. It’s just illegal if the dead author you steal from hasn’t rotted enough yet. Actually, this book is pretty much nothing like the Aeneid. It’s more like the Odyssey, only more fucked up, more epic, and definitely more interesting to read. Is it a commentary on how fucked up things are yet again? Maybe. Probably. Yes. If you don’t have a sense of humor or “bad words” get your ass in a twist, don’t read this fucking book.

Other works by Shawn Wunjo include Robocunt and the Rug Niggers of Afrofaggotstan, Dairy Stain and the Cunt of Cthulhu and Fuck Me in the Ass: a Love Story.


Chapter 1: Gay Dicks
Chapter 2: Cheese Fucking Sandwiches
Chapter 3: Shit Happens Like Tons
Chapter 4: Gods are Fucking Gay
Chapter 5: The Dead Fucker in the Dirt
Chapter 6: The Dyke of Carthage
Chapter 7: Cupid is a Fuckass
Chapter 8: Things Get Even More Fucked Up
Chapter 9: Bitch Goes Totally Fucking Emo
Chapter 10: The Priest of the Dildo Staff
Chapter 11: At Least His Daughter is Fuckable
Chapter 12: Turnus Sucks Shit Through a Little Tube for Fun


FUCK YOU AND YOUR GOAT-LOVING ANALSAUSAGE FUCK FACTORY! Lucifer Niggerbastard screamed, giving the shape in the window a double-handed flip-off. Jew could go fuck himself.


“Oh my fucking god damn shit baby Jesus I love cheese fucking sandwiches.” Lucifer Niggerbastard said as he watched a football player shove a pencil up his ass. The announcer for the Fucking Asshole Gay network moaned the voiceover, screaming about fucking rabid geese with a stick and putting his nose in a shemale’s penishole.


Climbing into the wild blue yonder on a fountain

of piss and shit, the ass-shaped boat took to the sky, and as Lucifer looked down upon the land below like Aeneas surveying the kingdom he had left behind, another floppy cunt-shaped ship landed and shatnered out its load of prolapse-wielding scrotums.



“FAGGOTS? IN MY VAGINA?” Yelled the queen.

“It’s more likely than you think, your fuckwittedness.” Groveled the footman.

“Off with their cocks!” She shouted. “I want all of their dicks on a fucking shit covered silver platter with frenchie fucking froggie frenchy sauce.”


Some Neckbeard Sputters Out Words

This looks familiar ...

If a horrendously-written work of fiction on the internet is making you feel vaguely nauseous, it's probably stirring up memories of My Immortal - still the most notorious fanfic in existence which many still debate was the work of a master troll. Shawn Wunjo is most likely ripping off an idea spawned from the mind of a 16 year old batshit insane Harry Potter fan.

The inspiration behind this piece of shit

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