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Since the beginning of the new millennium, zombies have risen from the grave again and again to sink their teeth into everything. But these days, Hollywood and the gaming industry have defected to the undead feasting upon the remains of your wallet, you poor son of a bitch. From shows like The Walking Dead, to movies such as 28 Days Later, to video games like the once respectable Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, or to the newly The Last of Us, face it! You can't get away from the undead or the zombie enthusiasts, survivalist and 13 years olds who want a zombie apocalypse so they can show off how badass they are.

Not even the pussy vampires or the faggy wizards and witches hype could out live them. Hell, they even had a movie called "Warm Bodies" which was a zombie apocalyptic Romeo and Juliet designed to appeal to Twilight-fans who were still depressed about the end of the film saga.

Now I know what you're thinking.. "What the fuck does this have to do with this article?!"

The answer is, "Everything!"

All things add up to one fact, they come for your money and are milking the hell out of the decomposing zombies genre no matter how shitty they do the job.


The War Z.

If the suspense doesn't kill you, boredom will

Your money went to this. Keep telling yourself it's worth a try.
Sergey Titov aka Gay Tit.

The War Z is a new MMO shitty ransomware that was shat out by Hammerpoint Interactive and produced by the Uwe Boll of gaming, Sergey Titov.

The game takes place 5 years after an outbreak, wiping a majority of the worlds population turning them into zombies, and your objective of the game seems basic; look around the map to search for items and weapons, fight zombies and other bandits to survive.

Simple, right?

Wrong again!

The War Z is a hacker simulator, an uninstall simulator and a pay to win you don't win in the game you fucking asshole simulator that is literally desgined to suck your money; You start with nothing other than a flashlight, a Granola Bar and a water bottle and you will eventually die unless you pay for food and drinks in the in game store. Against Zombies it takes a freaking 15 minutes to bash and kill one with your flashlight and since their body is made of titanitum, they only die when you hit them in their head. They can also rush from 20km away and eat you or spawn right in front of you and you will die.

Aside of Zombies, there are another group of enemies that you will have to survive; Hackers which can jump across walls, have infinite aim, have infinite ammo, are completely invincible and have so many bandages and antibiotics that they can be used to cure the entire Africa. You cannot see them and you can get killed for no reason when you are scavenging for goods. And there are safe zone in this game where you can access to your inventory, but once you take your hard-earned inventory hackers snipe and kill you right on the bat in 3 seconds.

And there is also a micro transaction system that is the ONLY thing that works in the game. It's the only thing that works honestly. In there you can buy weapons, food, clothes, ammo, hats, and anything that is required for you to survive which makes it less of a survival game but more of a money game where you dump all of your money to increase your chances of survival....Only to be killed by hackers 10 minutes into the fray and everything you spent your hard money to gear yourself up dissappears from your inventory and you will be looted for good.

...And after this you need to wait for 1 hour to play again; Later on it takes 4 Hours to revive and you can pay 0.40 of your hard earned money to revive again and by this point you should realize this shit is RANSOMWARE and want to uninstall it from your computer and Steam. If you want to continue to burn money of course you can delete your character and play again....but 10 characters later and you will end up with nothing and will die.

The game is basically pay for a mosquito to suck out all of your blood (Money) and keep sucking you until you die.

Plus it is still alpha after 6 fucking months, so you can walk down a hill and die, water is an invisible wall despite the Steam description says that you can swim and the graphics are so unbearably terrible that Castlevania on NES does 1000 times better than it. Plus it lags and crashes as many times as the hackers have ammo that even if you use the best PC equipment to play it it still plays like a retard trying to change his clothes.

The War Z Controversy


The game began good and well at first and players have unrealistic expectations on this game, although it was in an unfinished state and having insane amounts of bugs, but later on the troll who produced this game, Sergei Titov published this game on Steam and charged 25 USD for it and it was STILL the same as it was in the alpha version. There was also a microtransaction store as well despite the game's steam page stated it would be free after the guillible fool buys their game and many promised features like Swimming, Skill Trees and Cars were totally nonexistent. (Plus the concepts were stolen from DayZ's concepts)

Hackers were everywhere and they literally shot anyone who was trying to play the game in a legit manner for Granola Bars and Devs were caught hacking as well. Anyone who expressed the discontent with hackers and bugs were banned instantly from both the games and forums regardless of whatever way they expressed with it, even Constructive Criticism which they handled it much worse than the turds on DeviantART. Devs also love to ban people so they can buy the game again.

People who sent ban appeals were returned with automatic messages stating "Multiple Hacks were used". They were also well known for their zero refund policies which blackmail paypal to prevent you from buying anything in the future, and a terms of service stolen from League of Legends with all of the links to said game intact.

Bodies of dead players who actually bought and played this game are removed from their basements. Cause of death ranges from boredom or an hero from realizing hours of their lives have been stolen yet again.

Later on people also found out that The War Z's main menu song was a slowed down version of American Horror Story's theme, the banner comes from The Walking Dead, and the textures and models came from War Inc. A pay to win game that they also produced but War Inc. is a free game. People also found out the screenshots to be rendered and fake. This has called out flamewars between Fanboys who somehow found a reason to protect what amounts to a piece of ransomware and Sane Gamers who unanimously know that this game is a scam by Russians to scam money from guillible fools.

Then later on every single update brings ZERO changes save for an extended respawn timer and a 0.40 USD price to respawn in which you, as the guillible fool who pays for this, will be killed by hackers in 10 minutes.

When interviewed by GameSpy, The troll who made this game, Sergei Titov just lied endlessly that:

  • The only map is 100 to 400km while in reality it was only 70km and it was just one big road.
  • MMORPGS are always in development while his product is just one big ugly mess
  • Says that he is not sure about the number of player slots all the while the first and only map only has 50 player slots.
  • Says that he apologizes about making this Piece of shit but the "Apology" has no concrete statement of doing so
  • Says that 93% of people liked this game while it is close to a near ZERO save for hackers and paid shills

And he does not seem to be bothered by lying like Hillary Clinton, however. What can you expect from the guy who made legendary titles like Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing?

Later on clans and private servers are introduced but unlike most games, you need to pay them REAL MONEY in order to get them and it was so terribly bad that Steam gave a full refund on every pitiful fool who bought this game which was literally unheard of in the past.

And eventually they developers knew that they are shit, instead of getting their asses out of their vodka and learn how to make a game, renamed the game into Infestation: Survivor Stories due to a copyright claim.

Finally, hackers entered the WarZ forum and got Emails, Player Names, IP addresses and encrypted passwords and gained access to admin accounts.

Recently all servers are closed and Steam still has this ransomware in their store, but if you buy it you cannot play it at all. Steer clear or the russian mafia will take your money.

Sergey Jerkov is a homophobe

On October 2012, Sergey Jerkov began posting on the official War Z forums and tried to be a pretty cool guy; He referred to to all spawn campers who troll on the servers as faggots.

While in reality this is Hypocritical; He literally protects Spawn Campers and hackers and instead banned every single fucking legit player from the game until the hackers have no more Granola Bars to eat then die. Therefore, Gay Tit is the only faggot here along with the devs who helped him scam money.


On June 19, 2013, Hammerpoint Productions and OP Productions announced that The War Z game and forums were changed from The War Z to Infestation: Survivor Stories, a half-assed excuse for an original name, as it would seem that this change came from a court order.



—Taken from Patch Notes - June 19, 2013

The name of the game has changed! The games new name is now: Infestation: Survivor Stories The game and all applicable website URL's will be updated with this name as well.



—Email sent to all The War Z users

Effective today, The War Z has changed its name to Infestation: Survivor Stories. This change has come about primarily as a result of some confusion and trademark issues with a similarly titled property. While we were reluctant to rename the game so long after launch, especially with nearly 1 million registered players, it was ultimately decided to be in the best interest of our existing community as well as future players in order to eliminate confusion. Please rest assured that this will in NO WAY affect you as players. The only difference you will see is the change in logo and website. There will be no interruption of service or change in content.

So, welcome to Infestation: Survivor Stories – have fun and stay alive!



On April 2, 2013, OP Productions announced that The War Z game and forums had been taken offline as "hackers gained access to our forum and game databases and the player data in those databases." Hackers gained access to user information such as email addresses, character names, IP addresses, and encrypted passwords. No payment information was stolen, though it was noted that simple passwords would not be hard to extract from the stolen data. OP Productions later confirmed that hackers gained access to several administrator accounts resulting in deletion of the forums database as well as the banning of "several dozens" of players.


— tl;dr You done goof'd, Hammerpoint

Haven't purchased the game yet, but I went to browse to their official forums to try and achieve my own opinion on the game since there seems to be a massive influx of negative press lately. Upon clicking on a random thread under General (this was the third topic I was about to view; had only been on the forum for 5 minutes), I received a redirect to a page with a message informing me I was IP banned.

This certainly helped me form an opinion of the product, and helps to solidify my view on all the claims of people being unjustly banned, threatened with bans, et cetera. It is hard for me to give this product anything higher than a 0 if I was banned within 5 minutes of just browsing their forums. Damage control at its worst.


—Real proof on Hammerpoint's excellent game service

Dear Sirs and Ladies,

I am just a normal customer, so you could say, and I have purchased this game knowing that it would be in the state of an Alpha Phase. This was alright, because I thought I could trust my money and time to these new developers. I played, experienced and had my fun. There were many suggestions to be looked at, a truly colourful future to be had!

I kept looking and looking and did not find the weaponary or things that I would expect in the game, no problem I told myself. I could simply suggest it. An Archery range, bows, even fencing kevlar armor. Wouldn't that be fun I thought? That was a few weeks, maybe three ago. Because I was playing with friends, I decided to take a break after the wipe of characters, just fine.

Now I return, I see a gaming community in uproar, in outmost rage. I cannot help but to frown.. Something went wrong. I can see it shimmering in the distance, oh golden seduction. It is a rain of money upon the developers, blinding them from what is truly important.

The customers feel left alone in the dark, an apocalypse on their very game they wanted to love. Zombies, not in ragged clothes, but in business suits are gnawing on it's structure. This game, even if steam is slow, has been released within the blink of an eye as it seems.

This game, it was fun. I could run around, hacking, bashing, slashing through zombie hordes as if it was nothing, weird. My stomach would hurt.. Medicine would help, I mean who cares if the stomach shrinks down to the size of a peanut as long as you have antibiotics!..

Zombies that would follow me mindlessly, stacking on one another. Truly an amusing sight. And so easy to bash away too, with just an invincible, unwreckable hammer or even flashlight that would never break!

Water, there was plenty for some reason unknown to me. And binoculars? Of course! I had hundreds, so much to see!


My dear Developers,

What have you done? How could you? How dare you? Is nothing holy for you anymore?

These promises! Where are they? This is as if a bad joke just unfolded. The fooled ones are however those who actually wanted to support you!

What have you done? How could you? How dare you? Is nothing holy for you anymore?

I hope you have a merry christmas. Because I know what will land in my trash bin.

I am sorry game. But your makers have defiled you.

The game community cannot trust you anymore, dear developers and investors.

This is the undoing of a game that turned out to be a sad christmas story..

I hope you will be happy with the shiny things these people have given you to ruin this game.

Yours sincerely,

Edhmelus "L." Tharsonus.


—The lulziest comment of the bunch.


GameRankings 17.50%[15]
Metacritic 20/100[16]
Eurogamer 3/10[17]
GameSpot 2.0/10[18]
GameSpy 0.5/5 stars[19]
IGN 3.0/10[20]
PC Gamer (US) 30/100[21]
Metro 1/10[22]


Still don't believe? Take it from a Brit.


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