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A name of a page usually appears on the top of a page, when it is in the hands of un-intuitive website designers who are incognizant of how to use the rule of thirds to add dynamism to their textual documentation of phlegmatic struggles. These idiotic page-headers uniformly obey with mindless submission accretion equal to the font-size 19 and are in a text font copacetic with Calibri, which means that Wikimedia couldn't find it in their lifeless inert heart to add in one additional line of HTML in the CSS Template that simply stated <"font-family:(any font in the universe except calibri);"> to add the slightest bit of visual interest to their freeware.

Article titles have to describe the article itself; this article is titled "The name of the page", which is supposed to infer that the article is information about the name of article's pages per wikimedia tradition. There are very few articles on Encyclopedia Dramatica that have a title that is not described or referred to in the content, as it is with most factually accurate content. The below list is sufficiently bijou to collect all article-titles that are not directly referenced by the content or do not add additional inference to the sign upon the next discussion of such a word (user pages are born of personal expressions of the users, and so do not count).

How to identify the name of a page

Where to identify the name of a page is seen as an essential skill insofar as you want to make sure that you are reading the right article. On a standard DELL monitor with a Chrome browser opened at fullscreen and the screen resolution and magnification (Zoom) set to 100%: the title of the article you're reading appears below the advertisement for Anonymous VPN, or the name of the article you are reading is constituted by the first part of the label given to the tab you have open in your browser before the dash.

This skill divides no-one; learning how to know what the title of the article you're reading only proves you have over 30 IQ points and can breathe without a machine, but the nature of discovering the name of an article does give you some sort of intellectual progression, even if it does not institutionally re-categorize you.

The name of the page is part of a series on WHY IS THERE AN ARTICLE?

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