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Atomic.gif Warning!
The below user is extremely edgy! Proceed with caution so you don't cut yourself on all that edge!
What passes as "art" in Balrog's world. As you can tell, he's a pro at MS Paint.

Deviantart is home to quite a bit of normal people who love to share their tolerant and peaceful liberal views to people if they're not an artist. TheBalrog6 is one of those people. Quite possibly a contender with Jejejeje823/Sootyjared for the title of edgiest person on Deviantart. For years, he used to be a diehard anti-brony who frequently ranted his views on bronies and how MLP:FiM is the worst thing to ever exist, however as the years passed, he needed something much edgier to stick himself in. So he became an atheist with a giant ego and deep hatred for Christianity. He rants about how evil Christians are, yet defends Islam. He claims to be logical, yet makes memes so bad that reddit would gladly accept him without a problem. He even supports incest and cites that it's also love. Whenever he isn't ranting about those evil Christians oppressing him, how bronies are ruining his life, how ponies make his life far more miserable, and how his life is like the worst because religion exist, he's busy fapping to Attack on Titan, Pokemon, and Megaman rule 34 in his free time.

In the last year of drama he creates, he has talked of getting a sex change. He hasn't listed any valid reasons of why he wants to get a sex change, so it's just safe to assume he's acting like a typical tumblr basement dweller and doing it all for attention and to be a "trendy" person because being a Cis person is oppressive to him. Or to just feed to his atheist ego and eventually become a washed up failure at life, as seen by what happened with Ahuviya Harel, Chris-Chan, or I Dislike Cis People. In the future, it will be determined that he'll be a homeless bum begging on the street for more money to spend on useless shit like hentai and junk food so he can tell people to check their privileges and continue his blind crusade against Bronies and religion.

Hypocrisy ahoy!

Chances are, balrog looks a lot like this IRL.

Balrog loves to bitch and moan. As a professional bitcher, it is his duty to cry about everything he hates. For example, his hatred for My Little Pony and 98% of bronies. While most people hate bronies for being autistic and closeted furry manchildren obsessed with a show and even being borderline pedophiliac at times, balrog takes it a step further by acting as bad as the horsefuckers when dealing with criticism. Which is all evident by wonderful gallery he has. He doesn't understand that there's a limit to hating something, and unfortunately, he lets his hatred for Bronies blind him from having any rational thought whatsoever. Even other people who detest My Little Pony and bronies can attest to the fact that Balrog is a no lifer who is full of himself. His hatred got him noticed on Derpibooru too.

He has made it clear that he is an atheist and proud of it. However in the typical atheist fashion, he resorts to making memes to prove his point. Most the memes usually wound up being strawman arguments that even puts /r/atheism to shame. Anybody that disagrees with him gets the block button almost immediately. He whines about Christians "shoving their beliefs" down his throat, yet every time a Christian on dA makes a journal on their opinions, they get viciously attacked by balrog because they refuse to conform to his agenda. Despite being a devout anti-SJW, he rabidly defends Islam, mostly to please his buttbuddy Jejejeje823/sootyjared and frequently strawmans all Christians (or any right winger in general) as naive rednecks who can't think for themselves. Despite it all being very evident that balrog only relies on anything The Amazing Atheist says to back his arguments up, or the usual strawman articles posted by egocentric liberals at Salon or Daily Kos. Despite being for gun control, he wants to use a gun to end his anger and hatred for MLP and religion.

Drama with Derpibooru

Around Fall 2013, his gallery was discovered by the website derpibooru. Needing something that will get more attention past their same clop pictures of Twilight Sparkle's vagina and pony hentai by 14 year old girls, one of the users stumbled upon Balrog's gallery while searching for more fapbait. At the time, people started to mock him for his low effort pictures for offending the poor and oppressed horsefuckers, however as time went on, balrog got far edgier and far more abusive with the block button. Because of this, it created a huge spaghetti mess that resulted in the mods of derpibooru banning any discussions or links to balrog's page, meanwhile balrog started sperging out over being discovered by lowlife pedos and decided that acting as bad as they did would solve all his issues.

Balrog, because of this drama, considers Derpibooru to be his archnemesis and reasons to be the hateful and close minded faggot that he is. It all aided in feeding his ego to become the typical loser he is.

Senpai notices us

On August 12, 2015, Balrog finally noticed he was on ED with his own page. In a sort of twist or shock, he was actually pleased with the article. A big thank you for noticing Balrog-Sama. Read all about it here.

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