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Lol KangaJew
Ket is what you get when you breed this with a kangaroo
Ket much?

Ket (aka Thedreadedkettle, el oh el, KangaJew) was an ex-ED sysop who would have remained sysop but he disappeared one day under mysterious circumstances. It wasn't until five years later that he was spotted again, on WikiFur, surprisingly being a proud donor [1] [2]. Ket does not remember the five missing years. He only remembers on the night of his disappearance there were strange lights the in the sky and then a few hours later bright lights filled his room. The next thing he knew, he was dropped off naked in a corn field and five years had mysteriously gone by.

Being that he was now a furry as proven by his Wikifur donation, he was desysopped from ED per policy that furries are not allowed to be sysops.


He uses this handy attachment. Ket committed suicide at 12:44 AM, Sept. 25th. He was not missed. So he was reincarnated as himself so he could yiff all those he had not endeared himself to.

When asked why he went and fucked with the article on niggers, he said "Cause it was mindless racism without an iota of wit"

Ket and Google

As we all know, Google makes cutesy, custom default front pages for special occasions - like Martin Luther Coon Day and Xmas. What you may not know is that Ket gave Google his boomerang and didgeridoo collection to celebrate his special days.

Proof of which is presented below in two such examples ED's crack team dug up.

September 11th 2007. Ket is confronted by the Sheila whose oven he put a bun in, poppin' his cherry on New Year's Eve, 2006 Day.
November 17th 2007. Ket's shotgun-bride Matilda takes off her clothes and tells Ket and young Skippy that they can both do her Day.
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