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Thelostcup gets his ass handed to him by the very people he's trying to rally.

Thelostcup is a 13 year old boy from who took on the entire might of Anonymous. Thelostcup saw himself as a valiant crusader for all that is good and true for Habbo, and bravely threatened to spam 4chan and Pool's Closed ( at the time) "to death" with pictures of Hitler and the KKK, saying "SITE'S CLOSED. To his dismay, he soon learned that invading /b/ is pissing in an ocean of piss. This failed attempt at revenge at the man eventually cost him his reputation, OL friends, Habbo account and all the furni he paid IRL monies for, and his account at Thelostcup is simply a constant reminder that the Internets is serious business.

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