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themoonfell self-portrait
the moon fell as photoshopped by Futhman

Themoonfell, real name Jess, is a minor Internet celebrity on LiveJournal, where she maintains the NonUglyFats community.



Short, pithy journal entries accompanied by "artistic" pictures, such as (INSERT RANDOM PICTURE HERE) it rained today.

(long gap)

it's been raining ever since Sunday.

The "raining ever since Sunday" will usually tell a world of stories to Those in the Know. This group is somewhat small, since Themoonfell is a minor celebrity, but its members will know that the rain is a reference to the Supertramp song "It's Raining Again", and the "ever since Sunday" a reference to her broken heart. It has been rumored that Themoonfell isn't a virgin anymore, at least anally, but those reports must be taken with a grain of salt because she has been searching for someone to give herself to for a long time with indifferent success. The small font is considered to be artistic throughout the LiveJournal pithy-emo-digital-camera community, of which Themoonfell is one of the oldest and most stereotypical members.


Her virginity does not stop her from camwhoring at every opportunity. Her most famous image is the one included in this (i.e. where she is wearing black leather and holding a camera), but she will, at the drop of a hat (and sometimes without asking) bare her foldy breasts on Yahoo! Messenger. As previously mentioned, she mods NonUglyFats, which is a community where fat people claim to be non-ugly (sure!) and post pictures of themselves, and her mod-ship also involves an extra degree of shamelessness that sets her apart from most other fat camwhores.

Frequent Comments

She is a frequent commentator on famous LiveJournals such as jameth and throwingstardna. Thanks to her well-honed skill at posting somewhat pathetic, somewhat witty one-liners and her up-to-date information on the latest catchphrases, she often gets replies. Most of these replies come from fellow idiots and patheticos who seem to respect her intellectually. This can be deduced from the fact that i) they all think she's too fat and ii) the OMG-girl-on-internet doesn't apply as much to LiveJournal where most LiveJournalers are girls.

Themoonfell and LJDrama

She is a part of the old-school LJDrama school and a member of the SomethingAwful forums and as such privy to all the "in" jokes. This elevates her wallflower status to honorary human being status whenever she takes her shirt off. In spite of this, however, many of her friends, the most persistent among them being Futhman, often make fun of her obesity and name with conjunctions of both qualities such as famous "the moon fell because she sat on it" and Photoshopped images etc.

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