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Spoony's skills include hiding and incapacitating his victims with bardsong.

Lj-favicon.png thespoony was a full-time LiveJournal troll and aspiring dramacrat under the wing of famous faggot jeremyjx. During his brief period of drama-making, he managed to piss off a bunch of lame anarchists, create DMCA drama that became a stupid meme, destroy an Abercrombie & Fitch community with the help of his minions, host a mommy killer's friends only entries leaked by Lj-favicon.png zhzhblyad on his website (now defunct), and some other shit nobody cares about.


LJ Abuse grew tired of his faggotry and permabanned him from LiveJournal when they finally managed to link one of his troll accounts back to him. He created a number of accounts to circumvent the unjust ban: Lj-favicon.png spooony, Lj-favicon.png spoony03, Lj-favicon.png spoony1, and so on. In response to this, LJ Abuse IP banned his home and school.


  • His penis is reputed to be so horribly disgusting, that upon seeing it, you would explode. There is, in fact, no word to describe it. In scientific circles, this is known as a chubbywubby. Tales have been told far and wide across the land as a way to scare children and old people alike. If he gets it out, DO NOT look directly at it.
  • Possibly a sixteen-year-old girl
  • He made himself an account on GreatestJournal and is rumored to still be active in the LiveJournal troll scene. He spends his days thinking up new gimmicks in a pathetic attempt to relive his glory days.
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