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This is Heidi prior to and a few months after her operation ...
This is Heidi TWO YEARS after her operation. Great success.

Thesugarmonster (IRL name Heidi, from Los Angeles, California - born 7th December 1978) is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with fat people: a self-pitying, overindulgent, weepy, clingly, attention-seeking, hypocritical welfare leech.

Heidi herself is - as you can see - grossly overweight, despite the fact she had a gastric band fitted back in 2007. This however does not matter as Heidi is a fat activist (who is trying to lose weight) and is against any form of weight-loss surgery (despite having weight-loss surgery herself). Scratch below the surface and amongst the quivering mounds of blubber lie a life filled with lies, doughnut jelly, journal entries moaning about how terrible her life is and lulz for everybody else.

Weight-loss Surgery

I believe weight loss surgery (wls) is dangerous, invasive, and overly performed. I hate that something created as a last resort has turned into magical cure-all for everyone over 200 pounds. I hate that it’s become so popular and hyped that people whose information is based solely on what they see on TV have no hesitation in suggesting it to complete strangers. But what if you don’t quality? Gain weight! Go to Mexico! Find a less strict surgeon! WLS is the quick and easy answer! Because altering your eating and drinking habits for the rest of your life couldn’t possibly be something worth a second thought. I always have been and always will be highly, highly critical of weight loss surgery.

And I’m having mine next month.


—Because altering your eating and drinking habits for the rest of your life couldn’t possibly be something worth a second thought.

The first drama which managed to attract attention to her on ED was the journal entry on her gastric-bypass operation. Whereas fat activists themselves believe being fat is the result of genetics and isn't bad for your health, Heidi herself is unique in that he realizes that becoming fat is caused by overeating - and still claims fat people deserve rights. She is also morally opposed to weight-loss surgery, despite the fact she had the operation performed herself.

As you can tell by the photographs, the operation was not a success.


Shapely Prose is a fat activism website who targeted Heidi because she had weight-loss surgery. If this had been anyone other than Thesugarmonster this would have been unfair since losing weight is a good thing if you are morbidly obese. This however is Heidi, who believes stuffing you face until you weigh as much as a trailer is a natural God-given right and that having a gastric bypass fitted is sick and wrong - unless she has it.

Okay I have to start with how repulsive I find it that she feels I’m suicidal and thinks it’s not fair to her. That my pain and my life are inconveniencing her. That my story is “emotional blackmail” and how dare I expect support from her. God. FUCK YOU. I never in a million years expected the amount of support and love and compassion I received as a result of that post. Never. I didn’t write it to defend my decision or as force people to tell me I’m brave for being honest. I did it because I was invited to share my life and my experience so Shapely Prose could be a site presenting different views and ideas held by people who consider themselves fat-positive.

Activists, please take note. Being belittling and condescending and treating someone as if they’re an uneducated simpleton will not get your point across. If anything, it will make them want to get as far away from you and movement as possible.

I hope I live just to spite her.


—Like all fatties, Heidi does not understand the concept of irony.

Read the original entries:

Oh the Drama . . .

Aside from the weight-loss incident, Heidi's main priority in life is to document the many terrible things that happen to her every hour of every day.


The woman from Social Services actually turned me into the fraud division. I got the letter informing me of it. Goddamn it. So they’re threatening to take away our food stamps. It’s so fucking ridiculous.


—Food stamps should not be given to the fat.

  • Heidi is on social security benefits
  • Heidi also receives her father's social security benefits
  • Heidi is on long-term disability allowance

Recently however she was shocked to learn that finally finding a job at the tender age of 31 means she can no longer disability allowance.

*cough cough* I'm dying

Partly because she is a fat fuck and partly because she is a hypochonriac, Heidi has a whole host of medical problems:

New Drug Cocktail

Morning Cymbalta – 90mg (depression) Lamictal – 100mg (mood disorder) Busiprone – 10mg (anxiety) Neurontin – 600mg (nerve pain)

Evening Busiprone – 10 mg (anxiety) Neurontin – 600mg (nerve pain) Seroquel – 400mg (mood disorder)

Bedtime Klonopin – 1mg (insomnia)

And somewhere in there I take 1200mg Magnesium for pain control.

I'm still having insomnia problems and the Klonopin needs to be upped but I don't know if she will since it's a street drug. I see my psychiatrist in April so I'll have a better idea by then if it needs more tweaking or not.

I really need to find a pain doctor who will prescribe me pain killers. But the deductible for a specialist is $140 so, eh, that'll be awhile! I need to start back with the exercising and physical therapy which I know will help some. Definitely not all...but some.


— Her drugs

She also has:

Mental Health

While she never specifies what mental illness she has exactly, thesugarmonster fills her day my dreaming of various ways to kill herself, though sadly has never had the nerve to shut up and do so. If the endless blog entries begging for sympathy have not convinced you, Heidi is co-dependent, meaning (literally) that her survival depends on the approval of others.

The Assholes

Like all bloggers Heidi does not realize having so many people hate you is not a good thing.
Although she did learn eventually.

After her original entry on her weight-loss surgery was discovered, several users who were not among Heidi's long list of fans and ass-kissers suggested her problems may not be as hard as she imagines them to be. Outraged by this notion, Heidi makes a journal entry for literally every single nasty comments she receives:

Not surprisingly, after these incidents Heidi disabled anonymous comments. It's one thing to rant on the internet, it's quite another to rant on the internet and have people tell you what a huge cunt you are.

I'm fat, believe in FA and I would NEVER dream of panhandling on the internet.

What makes you so deserving of money when there are people in truly dire straits who can't even drink clean water, are starving, or are dying of preventable diseases?

Shame on you.


It's bad news when another fat fuck hates you.

Man, if there is a running theme in this journal, it's self-pity. That or a complete and utter lack of responsibility.

You know what? Throwing out the fact that you consider cutting yourself in an attempt to gain people's pity and stop them from calling you out on bad choices is not courageous. It's not "baring your soul". It's manipulative.

Begging for money and then splurging on luxury items (here defined as "shit you don't need") and then crying, "But I feel sooo bad about, and don't I really deserve it anyway, I'm trying so hard, asking me not to spend on useless shit is just asking too much!" is incredibly self-entitled.

I feel sorry for the people who were stupid enough to send you money.



(Anonymous) wrote:

Apr. 15th, 2008 11:04 am (local) You say you need to get it all out so it's not your private shame anymore, but really, I think you "get it all out" because everyone in the FA community worships you and you know they'll fall all over themselves, praising you for being so strong. And you make sure and post public entries so as not to limit the amount of mindless praise you get from all corners of the web community, LJ users or no.

The things you post; images of your nearly nude body, exquisite detail of your troubled past, ARE NO ONE ELSE'S BUSINESS.

Also, you say you have no one to turn to, but jesus christ, have you ever READ the multitude of comments you get? These people would build a shrine to you in a second. Start replying to your comments, would you?


Sadly, this was most likey one of her ex-fans.

If I read one more post congratulating Heidi for her bravery, I'm going to scream.

Yes, she's young. She's ill. She needs better care, and far better advice, than she's obviously been given. She needs support. She's obviously desperate enough to try anything to improve her situation -- even foolish alternatives that are far more likely to harm her than help her. I hope she doesn't have the surgery. I hope she wises up. If she does, then she'll get my congratulations.

I am continually amazed at the ability of women to congratulate other women for being stupid, for sacrificing their time, health, ability, wealth or insights for no good reason, and, similarly, condemn women who have the good sense to make sound decisions; manage well their time, money, and employment; and otherwise generally take good care of themselves. Why have so many so-called feminists embraced the rudimentary sexist idea that women are somehow, intrinsically, dumb as dirt (or should be)?


The blogger, being a pussy, eventually deleted her webpage.

Quotes from the Blog

The law student made me come through intercourse alone. Which never ever happens. I showed remarkable self restraint - saying, "Right there, right there, right there" when what I was really thinking was, "Right fucking there and if you stop or move even a fucking millimeter, I will fucking cut you."


—Threatening to kill the only man who dared to stick his dick in the black hole of Calcutta.

In addition to vodka, the law student is really good at getting my mind off the shitty things going on. When I'm screaming my head off for an hour? Life is pretty fucking good. Also, I asked for a couple of things and actually allowed him to do them to me! It's a damn miracle! Hahahaha, I was all proud of myself. Ooh, I let him eat me out...I'm such a trooper. Heh. Also, he, once again, managed to make me come through fucking alone. He's a bloody miracle worker, that one.


—There are easier ways to commit suicide.

I write about boring shit and spew out my pain and act all melodramatic and whiney because that’s what you do in your journal. Your diary isn’t about showing people that you can be strong or that you know your drama isn’t the most important thing on earth. It’s all the random, selfish, stupid shit that swirls around in your brain until you can get it out on paper.


—Or on the internet where everybody can see it.

I really want to go to therapy more often. Once a week, at least. I’m considering finding a second therapist so I can see someone a minimum of four times a month since my current one goes out of town a lot to work on his research. I also want to look into attending an Overeater’s Anonymous group and a WLS support group.


—She also attends co-dependents anonymous. It's not working.

It’s hard for me to accept things from others.


—Apparently someone threatened to hack her unless she added a paypal button to her blog


Despite her endlessly complaining about much she hates her body, Heidi takes many MySpace-esque photographs of red, cake-filled face and multicoloured hair every day, under the strange impression that this makes her cute and fun.

General Smirking

Weight-loss surgery: before and after

As you can see Heidi has lost weight - roughly 200lbs in 2 years - and currently weighs in at 300 pounds. As you can also see she is not afraid to post pictures of her hideous body on the internet. Do not forget to ask for noodz.

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