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They are furries

As a necessary counterpoint to We, there is They, otherwise known as Faux News.

They is perhaps the smartest person ever, and the perfect person to cite in an argument.

They was also a horrible movie about sleep disorder monsters by the guy who made Scream and the Freddy Krueger movies. Everyone dies in that one.

They make everything.

They also refers to chugs.

Kevin Trudeau knows all of the information that they don't want you know about.

They Live

They are the nebulous group of philosophers, artists, inventors, scientists, economists, businessmen, and bureaucrats that completely control everything. They are working on the next greatest invention. They've just come up with new technologies. Their studies show that oxygen may be linked to cancer and that living may lead to dying. They are the inane desk jockeys that plague your phones, and they are the public servants that save your hide. They own every company and control the economy - the market rises and falls on their collective word. They encompass all ideologies and ethnic groups. They command every point of view except yours. They fight wars amongst themselves, and have enough time on the side to oppress you. They are both the aliens abducting humans, and the secret society opposed to those actions. They are the secret police listening to your conversations, the hackers monitoring the internet, the conspiracy theorists both legitimate and insane and the guerrillas fighting the so-called power - power which they back up. They are many, and you are but one. And you know what they say...

They are everywhere.

Don't believe me? Look for yourself, and know you can fight back:


  • Prima: ur gay
  • Secunda: They say people who use gay as an insult are likely trying to hide their own urge to stick a penis in the ass.
  • Prima: well, ur a furry.

and so on...

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