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I am thinspiration because of my syndrome.

Thinspiration is the term used by anorexic members of pro-ana communities for a particular thin or anorexic celebrity who serves as a role model. It is often a required field in applications to closed pro-ana communities, and applicants may be rejected on the basis of having thinspirations which are too clichéd (see also: Mary-Kate Olsen), too ugly, or too fat. There are various LiveJournal communities full of 13- to 18-year-old teenage girls who frequent themselves as thinspiring. "OMG , i'm sew fat, i need 2 look @ more pix of MK." This is insane in the same sort of way as Nazi mysticism.

Thinspiration, but only for n00bs

Goals of Thinspiration

The point of Thinspiration is to end up looking like a Holocaust survivor. Thinspiration can help YOU achieve this lofty goal!

  1. Step 1. Realize you are a fatty fat fat.
  2. Step 2. Google Image the name of a waif.
    • Examples: Kate Hudson, Uma Thuman, Mary Kate Olson (the one who smokes crack, not the other one), etc.
  3. Step 3. Obsess over some pic. Print it out, paste it on your walls and masturbate on top of it while crying.
  4. Step 4. Purge.
  5. Step 5. Return to Step 1 and repeat daily.

A good way to stick to your daily picture looking/vomiting routine is by posting stats of your daily weight loss online. See:

Sometimes, anafags like to cross over to cutting and self-injury. This makes them worth twice the lulz and is typical of attention whore behavior. The considerate anorexic will provide lulz to the world by posting his or her pix on

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This man was once overweight, but now he is attractive.
thanx Hitler

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