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What would Mary Kate do?

thoseskinnygirls, also known as The skinny perfectionists, is a MySpace group for e-pals of Ana and Mia, filled with n00b thinspiration, and a playground for trolls and those who feed off pointless drama. Like all things MySpace, it's just a shitty version of its LJ counterpart, Lj-favicon.png pro_ana.

A brief history of batshitness

According to Purelily, when God created the world, and all the creatures that inhabit it, he thought he was doing good. Everything was made perfect, with a purpose, and all creatures were rich and beautiful, without evil or diseases. But not even God, in all his omnipotence, could foresee the fall of man that would ruin the world forever, filling it with blacks and jews. So ruined in fact, that God had to send his Son off to kill millions of ppl with a sword coming out of his mouth someday in order to fix it and destroy all sick fucks.

Similarly, when Tom created MySpace, and all the features that inhabit it, he thought he was doing good. Everything was made perfect, with a purpose, and all HTML was readable, without killers or whores. And if God didn't know shit about the obvious failure of his creation, Tom can't be exactly blamed for not knowing that MySpace would bring forth a couple of the many signs of the apocalypse. People, prepare for getting gang raped by Jesus' tongue sword.

Enter thoseskinnygirls.

No wannarexics

Founded on January 27, 2006 by a 16 year old girl known as Elle from California, thoseskinnygirls is a MySpace group, which is kind of like a gay eljay community and a shit copy from Hi5's group feature. Groups are basically everyday's attention whore's tools of trade, since they appear listed on their profiles and can be used to make them appear more OMG mysterious and interesting, without needing to actually post or contribute in them (proving once again that MySpace is like a gay LiveJournal).

Regardless, thoseskinnygirls falls into the 1% of groups that are actually used by those who join them. Clearly, it's because unlike most groups that fall in the "normal" category (Golden Girls fan group, Nirvana FTW group, or

Friends only.gif the cock in the ass group This link is currently friends only.

), thoseskinnygirls is a pro-ana group.


Rules for joining

Features and exclusive benefits

Sexy ppl

The moar you know

Aimed at skinny perfectionists that have enough common knowledge to realize that any molecule of fat in their bodies is harmful and unholy and will ruin their lifes forever, thoseskinnygirls brings you a thinspiration handbook with everything you need to know about how to act in those dire situations when seeing your own miniscule shit makes you hungry.

The Thin Anamments

As they were delivered from Ana herself to us:

Drama bombs on thoseskinnygirls: a step-by-step guide

If you go to Africa's deserts and find a small tribe of AIDS-infected children, you will probably notice they are thin -- Ana-perfect thin, even! However, if you offer them food, they'll go fucking nuts for it and eat it like it's lulzcon in desperation.

Ana girls are stupid luser fucktards that think it's okay to throw away food and vomit it away when all over the world people are unwillingly thinspirational and dying from starvation. Moreover, ana girls on thoseskinnygirls are stupid luser fucktards that fail at life because their thinspiration is what the rest of anas would diss as n00b. Srsly, the Olsen Twins? No wannarexics? thoseskinnygirls are asking for it.

So, if you are a good, decent citizen that loves America, you will want to Drama bomb them. How, you might ask?

The technique is simple:

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