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Tidus will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.


Tidus, tide, Tidas, or Tidus.jpg, is the latest unfunny forced meme to be spawned from 4chan's /g/ board.

The meme consists of a badly-warped CG image of Tidus, the angsty teen fuck from Final Fantasy X, which is posted repeatedly in every thread on /g/, usually accompanied by the words "desktop thread". The image is also shopped into various technology related images, poorly.

The Cult of the Tidus

Every so often 3 minutes a "desktop thread" appears on /g/. On the surface it is a thread where mindless 4channers can post images of their virtual or physical computer desktop. Those posting with The Tidus on their desktop are regarded as mere trolls. In actuality these are cultists who are covertly announcing their presence. They often communicate using these threads with encoded messages in the Tidus images themselves. If there is nothing to be said, Tidus cultists will often just post Tidus to promote a sense of solidarity and, as they describe it, Tidusness.

Those who believe in the Tidus believe that unity will come to the Internet when all desktops hold his holy image as a backdrop. It is their belief that the Tidus will bring an Operating System that is free, open source, fully compatible with all games and software, resource efficient and visually appealing.

Tidus cultists hold nothing but contempt for other /g/ visitors because of their pointless bickering and requests for computer assistance. These unenlightened denizens of /g/ only serve to delay the unifying light to come.

Those part of this religious cult must have their desktop background of Tidus at least half showing at all times. Indeed, the uptime threads that occasionally appear are not just a male endowment competition, but are in fact Tidus cultists showing off their dedication to the Tidus. The phrase "NO TIME 4 LUV DESKTOP THROD" comes from the difficulty cultists face in having pornographic images only occupy half the screen at any given time.


ALSO DESKTOP THREAD gogogogogogogo

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