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Welcome to my ED Article! Enjoy your stay.
That's the way i like it.

Incoming Tigersclawswiss! Hello everybody let me introduce |myself. My Name is Rico Andrea Mueller but you know me better as Tigersclawswiss, TC, Arex the Husky or Skittles. I’m currently living in a small town somewhere in Switzerland. It is perfect for a paranoid and animal loving zoophile like me! Sure my parents could afford a better location since they are very rich. I'm a poor nobody but I act as if I were a great success.

Who is he?

Oh Hai! This is my CV
Cocks's best friend
Deryp Husky
TC and the famous buttsniff crew.

TC was born as an only child into a rich and successful family where everyone has PhDs. As sad as it sounds Rico turned out as a complete failure. His parents own a successful company and he owns only three cheap fursuits. In a sense he must be the biggest downfall of his family in their entire family history. Rico barely could get an apprentice in an insurance company where he learned a few tricks to sell people out.

After that he started to work for the Swiss Federal Railways (Germanfags: Schweizerische Bundesbahnen), in short "SBB". On his FA page he claims that he earns a big deal of money and that he is an important employee of his company and no train would run without him. In fact what you actually have to do in his position is not even close to what he is claiming. One of many lies in his life to make other people think that he is a total big shot. He claims to be responsible for timetables, 52 employees and so on. In fact he works as stupid-ass ticket controller and walks up and down the aisles of the train like a prince earning nothing more than respect. He has no influence for any timetables or apprentices and the workers he calls his bitches are simply the guy that picks up the garbage, the guy that sets the lights and other totally independent persons maybe even counting the passengers there as well. Even the fact that he needs to tell the world how much he is a success only shows the deep struggle of his poor soul for a little bit of appreciation. The only thing Rico is really good at is lying and hiding the truth to everybody, even to himself.

His first steps in the furry fandom were around the end of his puberty. After breaking up with his first love, he soon found some same minded people in the internet. First everything was great. Rico could live out his dogfucking desires as much as he wanted. In those early years he used the nickname "tigeragressor", later he changed to Tigersclaw. But no worries, both names belong to the same person, who is our beloved Rico. Evidence: you can still see the old name if you check his Skype username. He went straight up the career ladder in the dogfucker scene where he found many good friends and made it to the top administrator of a zoo board where he became the head spokesman for his cause to "love dogs" when his country was about banning the beautiful love between man and animal. Unfortunately dogfucking was banned and he his career ended immediately. However he found a new group of people that were related to his desires: the furry fandom. Ever since he is a part of furfaggotry trying again to reach the top by playing false, having double moral standards, using other people and sell them out again.

The only money he had he invested into his first fursuit . It was a husky named Arex, which had the greatest look on his face ever. Soon he found himself in the middle of a noble fanbase He and his noble friends needed to meet ever so often at cons where he could be for once the greatest person alive. If you take the time to watch his FurAffinity Profile you can easily see that he needs to be everywhere and always in the center of attention. You will never see Rico in the second line, he steals himself into pictures and into every bit of spotlight he can get. If he is once left out he acts like the biggest manchild alive. If you are not agreeing with him doing what he wants and so on he starts to lose immediately any interest in you and tries to kick you out of his fandom by spreading false rumors to his popfur friends.

His arrogancy knows no boundaries. After a little fun on lulz, a furry drama Chan he had to buy immediately two new fursuits even having no money.TC a babyfur tiger and Skittles another derp rainbow husky. Anyway you guys were hurting his small feelings. Living his life as a popfur lying about himself and to everyone he knew he soon got into a literary discourse about his greatness that he is the self-proclaimed most famous fur alive. Winning this debate he was now so exclusive that only a group of hand selected people were able to be in his circle of greatness. He is so exclusive that nobody was allowed to know where he even lived. He was organizing many fine fursuit walks with main topic "TigersClaw".

However even his friends failed him at some point and he was so sick of being the only person that was right he needed to find a new group of fine furfags on another continent. He packed his things not even knowing that you need a visa for the US nor did he know that a Green Card is needed to work there. "King Rico" went with his fursuit to the airport one morning and tried to board a plane. However his ego was too heavy and he was denied to go to the Promised Land. Suddenly his old friends were cool again and he continued to live his awesome life, now wanting to move to his so loved boyfriend who does not want to have him in his house at all. Rico is such a special person that he wasn’t sure about his own greatness and how to deal with it in the public. Rico was offered psychiatric help in order to act like good and honest person that he is. After several meetings he was diagnosed with a Narcissistic Personality disorder. Of course this is only an act and he is mentally sane. It’s only to cover and not to embarrass other people with his godlike personality and make them feel inferior towards him. He is the most pawesome person that wanders on this planet and he would never make himself believe things he hasn’t accomplished in his life.

Nobody knows where I live

Nobody knows where TC lives. Seriously it’s top secret. You could say that this is one of his most well kept secrets. Someone may ask why he does that. First he thinks that he is so famous and would receive so many fan mails that he would need an extra five hours per day to not go through them. Secondly Tigersclaw is totally afraid that someone could find out how he really lives which would destroy the bubble of lies he tells to everyone. He lives in a very small flat, eats nothing more than cat and dog food out of a can. He has no money at all and even a crack house looks like a luxury hotel compared to where he lives. He puts every single dollar he earns into the furry fandom since his motto is :

better to starve than to miss one single con.



However those are not the only reasons. Another reason why he wants to stay hidden is because he scammed a lot of people in the past and owes them naturally a lot of money. He claimed in his early days to build a fursuit for a person and took over 2000 dollars for it. TC never intended to create that suit. No he spent it all on his own and went underground. He did the same trick a few more times to finance his adventures to several conventions. Living as usual either of the money he scams or of his parent’s. So please don’t tell anyone and please keep it for yourself, he doesn’t want to be found so keep the following very secret.

If you are not cool he will say to you that he has no Skype at all. Just because he doesn't like you. Those he wants to fuck he normally answers that he is super busy all the time and simply blocks you even if he is online there like 24/7.

His bank information as his social security number (which the three middle digits are 402) are also ready to post but it seems doubtful that someone wants to donate something to him anyway.

The dark secret of zoophilia

Summary:Kissing dogs is so hot
"Mating" with Yusha is not against her will.
Invitation for a "Zoo-Meeting"
Best Year of his Life. Men and animals united.

Rico Andrea Mueller, TC or Skittles would be a perfect godlike being if he simply wouldn’t be a dogfucker. Let’s start from the top. First he had a girlfriend. He never could bring his large penis to stay up long enough to dump his cum anywhere. Long after this he finally found his first true love at work. She was the most beautiful being he could ever imagine. Everything went great. For the first time he had an honest job but there was this forbidden fruit that brought him in a new vortex of lies. He found his love Yusha a husky bitch at his work as a dog walker. In a very emotional post on a zoo board he admits that he fucked her like crazy. Even saying that this was a deep emotional relationship and nothing like fence hopping than that would be criminal and fucking a dog you don’t own without the owner knowing is completely different since it is Rico Andrea Mueller that sticks his penis into her fortune cookie. However his love was taken away and the not knowing owner of the raped dog moved away. This was at first a small fall back but soon he found himself in the middle of zoo friends like his boyfriend Gwyn/Strawberry/Erwin Wiersma where dogfuck parties were daily business. He organized many zoomeets himself in his demonic non decryptable language. Everything went fine he fucked dogs all day and night long until his government was swinging the banhammer to forbid the sweet love between man and dogs. Rico as one of the administrators of a board called zoothought.info and of course spokesman of dogfuckers in his country went straight to a government official claiming how wonderful dogfucking can be and that he should respect his way of life and that dogs want and love it to be fucked by him as often as possible. Dogfucking so he claims is always mutual and deep. In fact he probably means as deep he can go with his large penis.

Correspondence between Rico and the goverment official. Topic: Dogfucking is no crime.

Good day (Google Translate, feel free to make sense out of it.)

Have your article read carefully from 21.02.2005 and would like to , although I know that this article has been around for a long time, speaking my mind . Only one but Kudos to ensure that they stand up for the rights of animals in the world. Her article, I can enjoy myself on the one hand , but I would not be writing this mail if it does not also wrong ( in my view ) side. The term " sodomy ", even if it is in the clip , is no longer used in everyday speech .As for Zoosadismus , where animals are injured , is abschäulich and should be tolerated in any area .

However, as regards zoophilia , I do not understand it , why an animal is thus " humiliated " , or in their words, " is a dignity violation ." Animals have feelings, their own opinion and can clearly differentiate what suits them and what does not. Zoophiles people are not " engine -driven " who abuse their partners as an object for sexual intercourse. It stuck emotional feelings from both sides behind , which (mostly) are also found in heterosexual or homosexual couples . The animal could defend themselves if they did not want to , or feel they are being treated " unfairly " it . It is neither raped nor exploited. Sexual intercourse is not enforced or required by zoophilic people . Animal welfare is at the top position and the sexual relationship is only " secondary" ( at most) . The animal is not considered as an object but as an equal human beings like me . Zoophilia has not been tolerated in the current society and it will certainly be a long way to go . There is another type of Gefühlsauslebung . Our love for animals is in many areas certainly much greater than from other pet owners .

I would look forward to a return mail from their side very much and assist them questions you may have

I remain, with best regards,

R. Mueller


Dear Mr. Mueller

Many thanks for your letter of yesterday , which probably stands above all with our yesterday's appearance in a discussion program on "Tele Zuri " on " Heavy violent crimes and zoophiles on animals " in context.

We are aware that our opinion about sexual acts with animals is not shared by everyone. Nevertheless, we keep clearly in our view. About the reprehensible acts zoosadistischer does not have to be discussed further - you condemn this even quite rightly as " abominable " . Contrary to your view provides zoophilia but not only if the purpose animals used obvious physical damage is inflicted , but generally a significant welfare problem dar. Zoophiles actions are not only from the standpoint of the national animal welfare and criminal laws to consider ( the animals performed no provide adequate protection) , but especially under the aspect of animal dignity. ( Enshrined in Switzerland since 1992 by the Federal Constitution as ) Their protection goes far beyond the mere preservation also in pain , suffering, injury and distress, and is a general respect for the physical and psychological integrity of the individual animal. This means in particular the protection of sexual integrity , which includes the undisturbed development and sexual sensation , protection against impairment of decision making through sexual exploitation of dependencies and protection from sexual harassment.

Whether zoophilic actions - as implied by you - actually happened , depending mutual agreement , ie are desired and appreciated by animals , can at most be suspected. We are fully aware that individual animals sometimes "voluntarily" to zoophilic acts participate or even take the initiative . As a rule, they do so only because they accustomed to such behavior , ie have been trained to a not inherently appropriate behavior and fixed in this sense artificially on human sexual partners and barely afford as a result, compared to sexual advances by human resistance.

This is just a brief response to the main points of your letter. As part of a comprehensive report , we have far more detailed thoughts on zoophilia and jurisprudential proposals to improve the - made ??clearly insufficient legal protection of animals before such action is - in our opinion . The report is not publicly available at this time. We will be on our website but announced of course , once we release it for publication.

Kind regards from Zurich
Dr. iur. Gieri Bolliger
Researcher and Lawyer
Wildbachstrasse 46
PO Box 1033
CH - 8034 Zurich
Tel +41 ( 0) 43 443 06 43
Fax +41 ( 0) 43 443 06 46
[email protected]

With all his efforts Skittles could not prevent the banishment of his only way to get a boner. Driven back to the underground his urges still there he started to fence hop every now and then. Driven away from the social acceptance as broken man he was forced to joined the Foreign Legion, where he joined the cavalry sticking his penis into the horses owned by the military.

Recently he claimed that he wants to buy another rape victim, this time his own. With that he could do all the things he wants to that poor being. Rico needs sadly to hide this fact from co-workers, parents and every normal person there is. Afraid he could lose his job or even land in prison for that. So please don’t tell anyone.

Human Relations

Communication between young Men nowadays.
It is a secret.
One of many Diaper-play requests from a friend
A crossdress-orgy is fine too.

It would be unfair not to say that Rico never bent over and took it up his ass often or vice versa with real male humans. Famous as he is he gets many fan letters to his FA account and everybody wants to have sex with his large cock and covers all of his special fetishes like babyfur stuff. Google translate was so friendly to translate the following as for any other Germandoc there was.

I have a bit of thought made me are you single for the time and I also. It is an idea / offer option 1 Having a non-cohesive lion available, the very much join in (even things like baby fur, golden shower and mau) the abuse you as a pet can and pampered by all thy wish you and covet. Silently through a monoganen you could mark it with wise juice, which he aufschleckt also true or squirt him naughty on the face. or you have a lion of forcing you to kneel and educates as pet. possibility of two The same as 1, only without the part for himself action and thus his joy option 3 Let it be Love lions greet Mau



It’s unknown which option he picked but taking a wild guess it was the one with the babyfur. Another of his well kept secrets is that Rico “Tigersclaw” is a closet babyfur He loves to wear diapers and soil them of course. However being a simple diaper wearing sickfuck is not all. He also loves to wear maid costumes with fake tits. He even starred in some adult movies, his biggest success so far was the video “Room 366”. We are still not done yet. As mentioned above he got many suitors but all of them were by far not famous enough to earn his time. He rather wanted to sniff on another husky’s butt. His so called current boyfriend Gwyn “Erwin Wiersma” Strawberry that had connections to ZEN, Firestormsix, Tanidareal, H0rse and many more was fitting boyfriend to join the ranks of a popfur. First he was only a bystander but it slowly turned and his ego kept growing and growing and soon his boyfirend was only there as cover for his zoophilia and as fall back if he didn’t find anyone to fuck. He constantly kept leaving behind his boyfriend for the sake of his fame. One of his biggest dickmoves was the time he was invited to a babyfur roomparty with many famous “friends”. Of course it was secret and he forgot to tell it to his boyfriend. Glad that Erwin had real friends that told him. He was strictly not invited and Tigersclaw wanted to keep it that way since his boyfriend was only an embarrassment to him, standing in his way. Instead of sticking to his boyfriend he rather was fine with him being left behind.

EF is coming up and you get invitations to roompaties. When you get them you don’t ask them if I’m allowed to come as well being your boyfriend. Instead you wait till I get an invitation or do something myself but there is a big chance I don’t get because I don’t know about it’s existence. You just let it be.


The drama continued over mail, where Erwin “Gwyn” complains about hiding the invitation form but being self that paranoid and not letting him even pee by himself, since he could cheat on him. Speaking of which, Tigersclaw is one of those people that can do those mental gymnastics to always justify his actions as right. Cheating in his sense is if his boyfriends talks to someone else. In his regards it is totally okay to simply fuck around with animals and humans alike as he sees fit. He is always the victim and he is always right. In short Rico "Skittles, Tigersclaw" is one person you really want to spend time with, he is even that nice cancelling a third roomparty for you, but not the forth.


You've got the AIDS.

This is one of the most outstanding things he has done so far and that deserves an own section. As mentioned above he fucks around a lot. He constantly cheats on his boyfriend. In any case there is this guy RicoTiger he slept with. Ricotiger is a HIV murrsuiter. It’s unconfirmed if Skittles/Tigersclaw is infected as well but it’s most likely. In any case, a guy called Tiggie got word that Ricotiger is infected warning our beloved Tigersclaw. So far so good. Instead of calling Ricotiger out as a dangerous person he helps to cover his sickness. Even more Ricotiger kept on fucking others on any conventions he visits. Not to mention unprotected. Anyway he helps to keep that thing secret with the reason that poor old Ricotiger wouldn’t get any sex at any con anymore.

No it goes even further Skittles knew this as fact, he knew that Ricotiger would infect his ex. Our honest and upstanding Tigersclaw was even standing by, as Ricotiger was choosing his next victim, no he even helped Ricotiger to accomplish another session to pozz someone. Staying pawsome in the fandom is for Tigersclaw more important than doing what every other reasonable person would have done, warning the victim of course but he rather gets his hands dirty in a crime.

Insurance fraud

Rico Andrea Mueller is not only an expert covering HIV furs no, he is such a prostitute that he does anything for money even scamming others, promissing building a fursuit that he never had done and of course taking it to the next level: insurance fraud. Just remember its no crime if Rico “Tigersclaw/Skittles” did it. Once again Tigersclaw needed to show his high class lifestyle on a convention but being always broke is a major problem. What did he do? He went to the convention leaving a water valve open, coming back and claiming that his tiny appartment paid by the state is suffering from unexpected water damage claiming it would stink as fuck this time probably not coming from his used diapers. Lucky TC could scam 5000$ from the insurance company financing his awesome life again. Landing in prison for this would actually be good for him than he would finally live in a luxury environment.

5000 Shekel for poor Rico

His famous world trip 2013/2014

Master Rico has arrived.

After his mental breakdown at work, he got a nice long vacation, needing to lay off work for at least a year. Sorry, Tigersclaw decided to make a dream come true being a role model to everyone taking a year off work and traveling the world to see it in all its beauty.

As talented as he is, he planned an excellent route going forth and back from furcon to furcon seeing each continent and even tigers in Kenya. Having next to no money and only finding out at the very end, that if you book flights ahead that they get cheaper he continued is well planned journey. He usually stayed at people he uses for personal gain, fucking their dogs even if told not to do so, staying normally less than a few days in the same country. So to speak you could say he made world airport tour. As he “traveled” around he was constantly lying, on where he was exactly, telling to some he was there, and to some that he was somewhere else. First showing everyone his adventures, he soon needed to stop since he couldn’t afford to go somewhere else and he probably stayed most time at his place crying.

His trip to Kenya, Nairobi is the best example of that. He claimed to be there for over a month (in Africa) going on safari seeing all the wonders that this country and continent had to offer. In fact he stayed to two days in the ghetto of Nairobi. He visited some fine black people, playing the “white supreme being” showing off his great lifestyle, posing with them to show the world how much above he is to them. He simply had no money. He never went to Cape Town or any other place. He only made himself believe that he visited those places watching documentaries at home. In fact he only had the money to visit certain places this is also the reason why he never updated any photos anymore, he was afraid people could find out exposing him as the liar that he is. Around a good third of places he claimed he visited, were lied about. You can’t go to world trip with no money even if you mooch of other people’s hospitality. Hospitality, speaking of which he lets himself being invited by not even giving the minimum of thankfulness nor a small token of appreciation, no he rapes your dog and even you told him in advance not to touch him and more he sticks his HIV cock into your mate while you are not there, since he is such a big star in the fandom and everyone wants to be with him and you should actually pay him for his stay.

In the end he proudly announced his return to a new home and that he would work less to buy a rape victim. He sets himself once more as the role model of the furry fandom and that everybody should go on a real fake world trip as he did. All hail to him.


Think positive.

Sure you fags could say that this shitty article about that shitty person is far too long and that this will only feed his ego. So may it be. However if you think that is all then you are mostly wrong. There would be a lot moar. If you really want to know how much he earns and what else he discussed with his psychiatric help; no problem. There is still his tax income and more to post.

If you are TC/Rico/Skittles or whatever you call yourself now, if this little thing brings you to jump in front of one of the fine trains of the company you work for. DO IT! This would only prove the point that you are unable to handle any critique on your person at all. Give the world that satisfaction. It would be so laughable to read that.

But there is a better option for you. Yes, yes there is hope. What you really could do, would be to start over being an upstanding, honest and morally good person. Wake up from your sleep. Be nice for once, change your life for the better. No more cheating, no more scamming, no more being self-centered just act altruistic for fuck’s sake. It’s never too late to change, never except of course you do the world the favor and kill yourself, then it would be technically to late and everyone would remember you as Rico Arex, Tigersclaw, TC or Skittles, the sick babyfur, that knows nothing but cheating, lying and dogfucking. And no there is no monument or posthumous title for that. Those are only reserved for good people. The editor of this article takes no responsibility for what the named person will do. His, life his decision. The editor would only suggest not commit suicide. Peace!

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