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What? This article needs moar drama, vids & niggers.
You can help by adding moar drama, vids & niggers.
How dare anyone try to make black people feel any less like Americans or people for that matter? How dare anybody try to tell me that they are better than me because there skin is lighter? How dare somebody try to bring me down by calling me a Nigger?


—A disillusioned nigger, realizing that her life really means nothing

Living proof that non-whites have no visual conception.

On the distant horizons of the internet lies what some may consider non-noteworthy crap, whereas others may classify these nether regions as completely and utterly lulzy. A perfect example of such is TightRope, designed cleverly to instill the good, clean, Christian values that every growing boy needs in his life. Run out of a lonely two-room shack in Calico Rock, Arkansas, this wonderful website is glad to tell the world that niggers are ruining everything, everywhere, for every reason and every boy and girl.

It's Not Illegal To Be White... Yet!

TightRope specializes in selling lulz-filled trolling apparel, CD's of artists such as Johnny Rebel, weaponry, DVD's (most notably, they are selling copies of SAW III LOL WUT). The site not only hates Jews but has embarked on a life-long mission to rid the world of Israeli flags.

Naked Nazis

Yes, that's right. Fuck Barack Buck Farack.

Thanks to TightRope, we are able to see what noodz Hitler so craved (when he wasn't buttfucking Himmler). This DVD contains over 100 photographs extolling the female figure. All the photos show comely Aryan women in all their natural beauty. Artfully done to demonstrate prowess, strength, virtue, heritage, and their link to Mother Earth HITLER. Photos depict the young women as the Huntress Diana, engaging in various Greek sports, amidst fields of ripening grain, etc. The black person is a wonderful homage to womanly beauty in Germany, a celebration of thousands of years of Aryan ancestry. LOL STOLEN

If you're buying, TightRope's selling! Kinda like Holocaust Porn, but the other way around.

Chinese Swastikas

Another valuable reason we must thank this racist ball of fun is for enlightening the internets (for some the first sighting) knowledge of Akasi, Hong Kong's favorite magazine evar. It's no secret that China's little engine that could has lots of Nazi sympathizers, and adding to the list now are cute and lovable azns from the Chinkee Province of HK. Families who traversed the supermarkets to purchase helium and jenkem happened across the periodical on the shelves of a dildo stand on the streets and went batshit insane at the mixture of hot naked azn babes with Nazi regalia and poses.

The internets can't be sure of whether or not this is IRL or just serious business, however since this new idea provides sex tabloids with daily joy, AND it can be fapped to, there's no reason why Akasi posters shouldn't be lining the walls of every /b/tard worldwide.

Mad Nigger

Guess which one she is.
The flag that you will receive is in perfectly good condition and has not been set on fire.....yet.

Anonymous thought it would be hilarious to send the link to one of an African persuasion on xanga.com, and lulz ensued as she went batshit insane on her blog:

My friends and I had a small debate on what the true meaning of the word nigger was. So I googled the word. I got a Wikipedia definition and maybe one or two other definition sites, but the thing that hurt me the most is this website www.tightrope.cc They have a whole page devoted to "Nigger Jokes" such as 'What do you call a black person who graduates from Harvard?' The answer to that question was 'Nigger'.


—Lydia, being a nigger



—Happy she knows where she stands in life.



—Pool's closed

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