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Tijuana bibles (not to be confused with Puerto Rican credit cards) happen to be proof that poorly drawn porn and the word 'fuck' have been around for over 9000 years. These 'bibles' were drawn and written on discarded taco wrappers by filthy spics from across the border in an evil plot to corrupt our pure white Christian children. As a result, they were highly illegal back in the day, and were grounds for an instant party van. They are often called 'eight pagers' by collectors due to the fact that they tend to have about eight pages.

Tijuana bibles are usually about womyn having sex with ugly or average guys, sometimes with bestiality or lesbians thrown into the mix. Most are printed on low quality paper and are barely legible. Some of them are basically the comic book form of old dirty jokes, whereas others are more serious.

Several use old, copyrighted characters, showing that rule 34 has been in existence for at least 100 years. Popular examples include the Wimpy from Popeye, Popeye himself, Archie, Little Orphan Annie and Snow White.

Suffice to say, Tijuana bibles are solid proof, if any were needed, that people in the past were fucking weird.

Typical Frames from Tijuana Bibles

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