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Tim Armer on a good day.

Tim Armer (A.K.A. Kool-Aid Man) is a highly visible Scilon handler, footbullet king, homophobe, and meathead who lives with his sister in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. Recently he was filmed going into a pawn shop to see if he could borrow more money for Scilon courses.


Clearly, Tim loves the cock.
Summary of Tim's experience with Chanology.

Who loves payday advances with interest rates totaling over 9000 percent? This guy!
Tim offers up some fine supression repression of his own homosexuality.

Yeeehaw! Pew pew pew!

Failbullet stories

Original Sighting.

During Operation Sea Arrrg, Angry Gay Pope was arguing against several Scicunts, one of which was Tim Armer and while he was putting the Scifags in intellectual checkmate, the Pope destroyed Tim's mind and was reduced to the levels of a laughing maniacal faggot. It should be noted that Tim tried to put on his cool face that day but failed miserably since it just made his face all red, hence the name Kool-Aid Man. According to AGP, as a result of imitating his Scifag savior, Tim was forced to take large numbers of Scientology courses over again at a high cost. This wouldn't be the last time that he had to retake courses or get Sec Checked.


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