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Time Magazine is an Amerifat news magazine which was founded in 1923, when dinosaurs still existed. The magazine is famous because its Person of the Year award, which is won by the most influential person or group of the world in that particular year. This award was won by Adolf Hitler in 1938. The magazine is also famous for its Time 100 list and polls, ALL-TIME lists and Red X Covers.

moot is the most influential person in 2009

moot is a faggot

In 2009, Time 100 poll was published on internet and it allowed you to vote the most influential person of that year. Anons saw a great opportunity to give moot a growth in popularity. /b/tards started mass-voting with scripts the poll and in a few hours moot was first in the results, but that wasn't enough lulz, so some guy came up with the idea to write something vertically using the first letter of each name. There were many ideas for what word to write vertically. The final decision was to spell MARBLECAKE ALSO THE GAME in allusion to a IRC channel used during Project Chanology. To do this they wrote new scripts which voted in a way that some random fucktards got positions on the poll they otherwise never would have received.

Once Time Magazine realized that they had gotten #rekt, they implemented the Ultimate Jew Web Utility, ReCaptcha to stop autovoting scripts. ReCaptcha works by displaying 2 words in a way no human can read them, the human has to guess what the hell is 1 of them, the real one, since one of the words is the real one and the other one is fake, if you type in the fake one the ReCaptcha will return an error and you´ll have to type again a different word. Anons studied ReCaptcha mechanism and found out that by typing random words which were very similar to the ones used by the captcha, was enough to be able to bypass it. So the new scripts used at this point typed random words just to be able to bypass the captcha in some attempts, this was slow, so they made the script load 3 captchas at once to increase speed. A Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) was also employed in the ReCaptcha typing box to redirect some users to a fake third party poll website where you could read MARBLECAKE ALSO THE GAME.

In the final day of the poll, Time decided to give the final results with MARBLECAKE ALSO THE GAME in them. This is considered one of the greatest trolls in history by many internet neckbeards.


Kim Jong Un is the most influential person in 2012

NKVoter logo

On 2012, our beloved glorious Leader was accused of using Gas Chambers against its prisoners, and at the same time Time 100 poll started. /b/tards decided that putting KJU (Kim Jong Un)at the top would make a lot of people rage since North Korea is one of the most hated countries in the world, the idea of spelling something out with the first letters of names, like had been done years earlier with "MARBLECAKE ALSO THE GAME" was a good idea, this time 4chan spelled out KJUGASCHAMBERS in relation to the gas chamber accusations.

KJU wins

To be able to fuck up the poll, some guys in an IRC channel made a Java script known as NKVoter that was able to boast 500-1000 votes per 4-8 people running it (nigger math here according to the author). The script used Tor nodes to bypass the IP address check used by the poll. In 2 days the poll was already fucked up at a script voting rate of 6000 votes per 10 minutes.


The word Feminist is banned in 2014

Patriarchy is behind this

On 12 November 2014, TIME started its 4th word-ban contest, which bans the winning word in the contest from its magazine. in the 3 previous contests the words that won and got banned were: OMG, YOLO and Twerk. In this 4th contest the polemic was served when TIME decided to gain a mass amount of views (views=ad shekels=Jewry) by adding the word Feminist to the word list along Bae, Om Nom Nom Nom and other BS.

Some 4chan user discovered the poll and started making threads to make people vote for Feminist in the poll, the threads were quickly posted over at 8chan.co/Infinitychan, 711chan, 76chan and others. In a couple of hours, Feminist was the most voted on word, with the 50% of the total votes.

Common Feminist reaction to the poll: is TIME still relevant?
9gag did it according to Jezebel

The media quickly started making a fuss about it and quickly accused 4chan, MRA and other communities of manipulating the Poll. Some of them even were Jelly that TIME was better than them at gaining massive page-views.


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