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High on hash but low on cash? Make a cat bag to hide your stash!
Step 1: Cut its fucking head off!

Though there has always been more than one way to skin a cat. Moderately hot Dutch girl Tinkebell is the first to actually show you how. But she's more than just a pussy purse pioneer, she's an all around art fag. One has to wonder if (and possibly hope that) she's trolling IRL. Circumstantial evidence for this claim is that she has been quoted as saying, "I'd prefer it if you didn't publish my real name."

Not since Bonsai Kitten has trolling cat lovers been this much fun.


Tinkebell and The Radio Controlled Guinea Pig!

Tinkebell has taken it upon herself to display more of her work with baby bunnies!

She wrote a book


Shocked & appalled by all the hatemails she got, she decided to make a book about it. In this book she posts all the personal information about the people who send death threats to her and shows the world what kind of sick fucks they truly are. She did it for the lulz.

Watch at 1:20 to see a death threat, note the irony.

A typical anti-tinkebell video. You are advised to troll the fuck out of this video, much lulz can be harvested.

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as of 21st of january tinkebell was spoken free of charges from the dutch court. because *it was just a project* she and her friend where not persued.