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The MUSH is named after its owner and founder, who also provides the soundtrack.

TinyTIM is the world's oldest MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination), and as such, is full of people pretending they have exciting lives that aren't wasted sitting in front of a flickery computer screen, sobbing as they masturbate to lengthy room descriptions and lame attempts at roleplaying.

From the TinyTIM support website (What is TinyTIM, Anyway?):

TinyTIM was started as a prank on the gnu.ai.mit.edu machine in 1990, and through the help and insanity of dozens of people, has grown into one of the largest free-standing structures on the Internet. TinyTIM is addictive. We're fun. We're wacky. We're running on a Sparcstation that's painted like a cow.


—clever lads, they are

Wow. A cow? That's really wacky.

How to play

  • Telnet to yay.tim.org 5440
  • Create a fursona
  • Pretend to be an exciting and interesting person (or elf or dragon or hippo or whatever)
  • Come to the realisation that the time spent on TinyTIM could have been better spent actually BECOMING an exciting and interesting person
  • Slit wrists

Is it really text-based?

No. TinyTIM actually has a rich 3D-graphical environment, with each object, room and character rendered in real time. However, when you begin the game, you only have access to the text version. The graphics must be unlocked, either by completing certain hidden quests, or by making a donation of $100 or more to the MUSH's founders.

Online Resources

TinyTIM Home Page and Advice Column