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A magnet for faggotry in our Web 2.0 world.

tinyurl.com is a website which provides a shorter, alternate link for any web URL address. Although the site also allows anyone to easily preview the destination URL of any tinyurl address given to them before they actually click anything, it does offer a certain amount of utility for very lazy trolling/rickrolling/faggotry as it effectively masks the address from anyone who's the trusting type.

Typical usage of Tinyurl

Proving useful to 13 year old boys everywhere.

Tim sends Eric an email stating "omg check out this new site u have 2 see it!!1!"
Eric, not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, clicks the link and spends the next day trying to unsee what he's just seen. Another use is FBI redirection.

Being inventive

Tinyurl lets you choose a custom redirect name such as tinyurl.com/georgebush or tinyurl.com/hotgirls, make use of this when posting on certain forums. For example if you're posting a link to a new Grand Theft Auto/World of Warcraft trailer, make the link something like tinyurl.com/wowtrailer. Sadly most of the good ones are already taken.



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