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Degrassi fags on Tinychat

Tinychat is a website where anyone with a webcam can create a live broadcast online for other people across the internet to enjoy. Unlike some websites like Chatroulette, simply viewing an actual broadcast does not require a webcam to be installed. However (as with pretty much any other free webcam site), the odds of finding yourself staring at a feed of some fat guy stimulating his pathetic excuse for a cock is very high.

It is not uncommon for people who have made gay porn threads in /b/ to create chatrooms in Tinychat. Then, all the closet homosexuals may flock to a place where they can happily enjoy the sight of a thin white guy fapping with the luxury of remaining anonymous, just like in 4chan. In reality, they are more likely to sit there and see nothing, except for other people in the chat area complaining about how nothing is going on, as if anyone gives a fuck. Meanwhile, back in 4chan, the thread where the link to the Tinychat room had been posted has since 404'd.

Types of Tinychat Rooms

Nigger Rooms

About 1/3 of the rooms on tinychat are nigger rooms. These nigger rooms are full of drug dealers and fat ho's who survive by giving $10 blowjobs and leeching off the welfare system.

Azn Rooms

Another popular type of room is the Azn room. Many of them have names like WFAM (Women For Asian Men) and WFAM2 and WFAM3, but they would be more accurately called WFSP = Women For Small Penises, amirite? Anyways, these rooms are full of faggot asians men looking for white wimminz. Half of the asian men in these rooms are usually there to flirt with the other asian men.

Stoner Rooms

A very popular type of room on tinychat is the stoner room. As one would expect, these rooms are full of disgusting, lazy faggots and idiots. Typically, only people with an IQ below 90 will be allowed to stay in the room. Expect to hear retards talking about any manner of faggoty low teir hobbies. 90% of the people on cam in these rooms appear to live in trailer parks.

Teenager Rooms

Just a bunch of faggot 13-17 year olds sitting around staring at each other.

4chan Rooms

Last, and probably the worst, are the 4chan related rooms. These rooms can be identified by their "Lulz So Random XD" titles. 98% of the people in these rooms suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, aspergers, down syndrome, or some other mental illness or combination of mental illnesses. The people are also much much lazier than any nigger or even most homeless people. They all suffer from lack of social contact so they feel the need to sit on their cams 14 hours a day staring at each other. Many of them will give out extremely personal details about their lives to random strangers who they can't even see. Basically their lives are in complete shambles and tinychat is their opiate. Many of them are basically addicted to it and spend every waking moment sitting there staring at each other. When they do talk, it is about something completely boring and/or idiotic.

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