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Never before has a picture summed up a man so accurately.

Aaron Todd Hoyt is one of the head figures in the vampire community. He is a spoiled trust fund kid from New Jersey (that explains the smell) turned self-proclaimed cult leader. He is generally rejected by the more social-savy and "normal" leaders due to his philosophies heavy influences from fiction and role playing games. When even people in the vampire community say your life style and religion are too far fetched, you should probably realize there is something wrong with you.

Like most contemporary vampires, Todd is bi.

He is very much into the aesthetic of contemporary vampires such as Lestat, totally ignoring the fact that traditional folklore originally depicted vampires as little more than zombies. But he likes to live with the delusion that the concept of vampire started as floofy fops. Also active in the S&M community, he pretty much never is seen out of boy-toy leather gear complete with cowboy hat. He doesn't even dress in period clothing, despite his fascination with romantic vampire lore. He looks like any pre-teen mall-goth with a Hot Topic fixation...And that's exactly what he is!

He is also events coordinator and head Storyteller for Northeast cities and sites for the VtM LARP group One World by Night.


Aside from various sockpuppets and troll aliases, Todd has been known to go by:

  • Aaron Todd Hoyt
  • Sabretooth
  • Todd Sabertooth
  • Father Todd
  • Father Sebastian
  • Father Todd Sebastian
  • Father Sebastian Todd
  • Sebastiaan Van Houten
  • Tuck and Cover
  • Mangina Man
  • Arun from the irs

Ordo Strigoi Vii

The Mastermind himself... the one on the right

AKA Clan Sabretooth Alpha, AKA the Sanguinarium Todd's cult of blood-drained drones that he cannibalizes on occasion. He basically lures down-trodden and unsuspecting teenagers in with the promise that they really are special and above everyone else, just like their mommies told them. The whole philosophy behind his group is that he and his minions are supernatural creatures of death and doom. The man obviously has no idea what a real creature of death and doom is, as he has never met Anonymous. During each ritual, he pretends to be possesed by a grunting groaning spirit with an occational laughing fit and then pretends to pass out on the floor like a two year old. He claims this is the spirit of ELORATH...ELORATH is nothing but an acronym for "Eternal Lord Of Realms Aaron Todd Hoyt"

Bow before your priest!

From his site:

Ave seeker, Welcome to the Sanguinarium™.

This site is a private virtual sanctums and international movement for those who are dedicated to the Mysteries of the Strigoi Vii (Living Vampyre) based on the Sanguinomicon™ series of books.

Founded in 1993 the Sanguinarium has gone through an evolution to raise the consciousness of The Family and egregore known as Elorath. Please feel free to read the F.A.Q. for more infnormation and Frequently Asked Questions on the Sanguinarium and Strigoi Vii.

Please also review the Covenants of the Black Veil™, Our pakt which is the foundation of Our Mysteries. All those who pass the Gates of the Sanguinarium™ are expected to abide by and uphold this basic common sense.

We are not interested in the politics of other "vampire" or "Vampyre" societies and organizations and are independent from the "vampire subculture" or "vampire scene." We are very introverted and are highly focused on Our Mysteries, wishing to be left alone to Our private agenda without distraction.

What is unique about the Sanguinarium™ is We are not only a sacred virtual space, We take an approach as would a scholarly online university. Thus, membership is by subscription only, which is described in the Sanguinomicon.

We are waiting and watching...

Eternally, The Synod


How the fuck could you say that?!

"Dear Seeker,

"I have written this document in an effort to tie together in a simple and clear definition of what the most common interpretation the current state of Strigoi Vii teachings are at this time. We do not have all the answers and our community has only managed to come to a limited awareness by this day of what we are. This will like an individual evolve from this statement in the years to come. This document has nothing to do with any specific household or individual, however it is a good introduction for those who wish to get the big picture in as short a document as possible and has been reviewed and given input by as many Magisters, households and members of the community as possible.

"Remember truth is relative and this is the best perspective and the commonality of what I feel I can share and contribute to the Sanguinarium, world and vampyre community, there are as many opinions as there are individuals and households. Not everyone will agree with what I have presented here, so just take what works for you and see it as a common "language" to work with.

"Currently this article is also a good option to have it translated into various languages until a formal translation can take place. We are currently working on Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, ,Italian, Spanish, German and French translations, if you are interested in helping with these translations please let me know. This document is "open license" and can be distributed and published on websites if the "Three Conditions are met." 1) The text is not changed or modified in any way. 2) That a link to and the copyright © 2004 by Father Sebastian is listed and 3) That this article only appear in an open minded and non slanderous (I.E. NO OPEN RELIGIOUS GROUPS OR PEOPLE WISHING TO CAPITALIZE ON SENSATIONALIST BLACK MAGICK OR VAMPYRE CRIME PUBLICATIONS.) This copyright WILL BE enforced!!!

"So here we stand, an introduction to Strigoi Vii and the most recent edition of the Scroll of Elorath!

"Eternally, "Father Sebastian "IX° Ramkht Impsissimus"


Quoted from

"From House Eclipse: "According to the Ordo Strigoi Vii (sic), this is the great vampiric essence and the vampiric astral spirits, called by the Temple of the Vampire the Undead Gods. This is one of the inner teachings of OSV. Some say this term evolved from the word "el-or-ath", which is the Atlantian term for a vampiric spirit. However, this is--" untrue! In actuality, the word originated back in the days of the original Coven, then operated by Raphael Osiris, and the "Sanguinarium" was still "the Sanguinary", and is an acronym for "Eternal Lord Our Regent Aaron Todd Hoyt". Seriously."


The Black Veil

How quickly love turns to hate...

The Black Veil is a set of rules that Todd supposedly wrote for his little cult, which originally started out as a LARP group called "The Long Black Veil" which was held at a club called Mother in New York City (or, in vampire speak, "Gotham"). When the numbers of his members started growing, and the organization became pretty well known, people started to notice a couple of fishy things.

Most importantly, the Black Veil was the bastard child of the works of Michelle Belanger and White Wolf Game Studios. His "sacred text" was essentially a rip off of key details in the role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade. Originally, Michelle had claimed she had been involved in the conception of The Black Veil, but now claims that the reason that her work appears in that is because of even more plagiarism on Todd's part. Todd voices all the time about how he hates Michelle's cult and even goes as far as to say that the only way they would publish her book is if he did the introduction. Despite being allegedly plagiarized, Michelle went on to revise the document and reworked it so it wasn't stepping on any big corporations toes.

Almost every person involved in the vampire community refuse to even acknowledge these rules because they feel that Todd is an unethical and disgusting person. Again, when even people in the vampire community think you have problems, you know you're fucked.

Not a vampire?!

Todd has recently pulled a MemoryandDream and is now insisting that he actually doesn't consider himself any form of vampire. Instead, he claims to be a vampire witch. The difference? I have no fucking idea, but the point is he is now denying ever drinking blood or thinking that he is superior to the average human.

Geriatric members of the vampire community can tell you he has made claims in the past to be quite the blood-drinker, but he has gone and deleted everything. There are still little bits and pieces of his former persona drifting around the internet in forgotten web forums, but those pieces of black mail aren't needed as he has come out in public again to make an utter fool of himself.

Not a vampire, ok. But he's still a fucking douche bag.


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