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An inspiration to all fathers
Tommy, after finishing off the laptop

Tommy Jordan is the best father ever, and also a nominee for 4chan's father of the year for 2012. On February 7, 2012, Sir Jordan discovered a Facebook post from his spoiled daughter, Hannah, complaining about how she was unhappy with her ridiculously easy resposib-b-b-bililities, like making her bed, doing her own laundry, and emptying the dishwasher. Hannah thought she was clever when she utilized Facebook's privacy settings to hide her post from her parents, but she failed to hide the post from the family dog's profile. Sir Tommy discovered the post, and filmed himself emptying nine .45 hollow point bullets into her laptop. He then posted the video on YouTube as well as on his daughter's Facebook wall. Lulz were had by all.



The eight minute video of Tommy shooting his daughter's laptop was posted to YouTube on February 8, 2012. Within a week, the video had 25 million views. In the video, he sits in a wooden chair and reads his daughter's Facebook post, then gives his own commentary. He is employed in the IT industry, and is well spoken with a sexy Southern drawl. If you just want to see the death of the laptop, skip to 7:10.

How do I found hidden Facebook posts?

HOW SHE GOT CAUGHT: The Dog Did It.. no, really.

I finally came out and told her this today, partly because it was too funny NOT to share.

When my daughter made her post, she used Facebook's privacy settings to block "Family" and "Church" friend's lists. All her other friends could see it. We, of course could not.

One of our dogs is always getting in photos and therefore has her own Facebook page. It's just a cute dumb thing we did for fun. Well, the dog's profile is rarely used except when funny pictures of her are posted. Since that's not too often, and she has very few friends on Facebook, her wall is kind of bare, with relatively few posts showing up on it.

The other night we gave the dog a bath and there was a funny photo we uploaded to Facebook and tagged her in. I logged in as the dog the next morning to comment on the photo. However when I logged into the dog's profile, my daughter had forgotten to add her to the "family" list.... so our family dog's profile showed her post right there on the front page.

It wasn't any parent-hacking, computer spying, or monitoring of any kind.. the dog actually ratted her out completely by accident. She hasn't petted that dog all day today...


Sir Tommy on how the bitch got caught


The Internet weighs in
The fact that it is shot is disturbing. It's a warning sign. But it's not bad in itself. But the mere fact that she was warned means nothing. If a parent warns his child that she will be abused, it's still abuse when he does it. Her father berated her in a viral video with over 100,000 views. This is going to lead to AT LEAST cyber-bullying for this poor girl, and quite possibly worse. Even if it didn't, the embarrassment alone makes it psychologically scarring for a teen.



well done sir well done. the nations youth needs more parenting like this. they have all become spoiled brats who expect everything given to them and have no respect. they take everything for granted now days and do not appreciate anything. im not a parent myself as im only 24 but i applaud you.



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