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For some, it will always be too soon for jokes about the OMGWTFWTC
Jokes about infants dying horrible deaths, like fine semisoft cheeses, presumably get better with age.
Photoshop jobs concerning the Pope would be considered "too soon" directly after his death
TOO SOON—Marine Sgt. Jason Thomas said that once he spoke to producers of "World Trade Center", they offered to fly him to the premiere of the film but he declined. He said it was a little "too soon" for him to see the film, nearly five years later.
even the major networks agree

"Too soon" is the battle cry of fucktards too pu55y to play the OMG OFFENSIVE!!1! card when confronted with off-color humour. It is basically an attempt to play thought police without seeming uncool, a wishy-washy middle ground that seems to say "hey, I'm all for the fun, but this is inappropriate at this time." In other words, the speaker is alleging that whatever it is that offended him will somehow magically become funny and not offensive with age, perhaps with further fermentation.

It is believed that the amount of time required before a disaster can be made fun of in public increases with the number of deaths, the proximity to the location of the disaster, the lulziness of the disaster itself and above all the amount of exaggeration in the media. Because of this, events like Katrina and 9/11 will nevar be okay to make fun of but things like the 35W bridge collapse were funny almost instantly in every state except Minnesota.

The purpose of choosing "too soon" over "offensive" is, of course, to avoid being chastised for prudery or censorship. In this capacity it is surprisingly effective: instead of seeming like a reactionary moron, the person crying "TOO SOON!" seems like a spineless moron.

Nevertheless, the net intended effect of a claim that a joke is too soon is the same as that of a claim that it's offensive: a desire to make the offending party STFU and conform with the speaker's chosen beliefs and opinions.

"Too soon" is often adopted for dramatic or ironic effect by dramacrats and trolls. Shortly following the azn tsunami disasters, many people adopted the use of the pun spelling "Too Tsun!" to mock those incapable of finding the humour in the briny deaths of millions.

Gilbert Gottfried

Three weeks after 9/11, Jew comedian Gilbert Gottfried made a joke at the New York Friar's Club roast of Hugh Hefner. He said that he had tried to catch a plane, but couldn't get a direct flight because "they said they have to stop off at the Empire State Building." This lulzworthy early attempt at making a WTC joke was met with gasps and cries of "Too soon!" from the audience members. So instead, Gottfried was forced to tell the joke called The Aristocrats.

This event was notable because Gilbert Gottfried is a Jew, and everyone knows Jews Did WTC.

He was later fired from AFLAC for making fun to the Japan Crisis of 2011.


For totse the 7/7 London bombings were never too soon
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